2023 Soft Matter & Polymers Symposium

The Notre Dame-Purdue Symposium on Soft Matter and Polymers returns for the 8th Annual Meeting. The event will be held October 7, 2023, at Purdue University's Wilmeth Active Learning Center.

This one-day symposium focuses on the general synthesis and characterization of synthetic soft materials as well as their broad application. Prof. Yiying Wu (Ohio State) is this year's Keynote Speaker. The day includes both technical sessions with talks from faculty and a poster session featuring the work of graduate students and postdocs.



Symposium registration is now open. Registration is free thanks to the generous support of our sponsors at both Notre Dame and Purdue. All attendees must register for the meeting.


For planning purposes and program preparation, please register by September 29, 2023.


In addition to the day's technical sessions, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are invited to showcase their research results in an afternoon poster session, with awards given for the best posters. Poster presenters can note their intention to present in the registration link provided above to register their attendance and poster. Please register posters by September 29, 2023.

Questions and Event Flier

Please address any questions regarding registration and posters to Matt Webber (mwebber@nd.edu).

Or, contact event organizers for more information on the topics and scope of this symposium: Matt Webber (mwebber@nd.edu), Yichun Wang (ywang65@nd.edu), Letian Dou (dou10@purdue.edu), Jianguo Mei (jgmei@purdue.edu), and Brett Savoie (bsavoie@purdue.edu).

2023 Event Flier

Notre Dame Sponsors

Notre Dame Research, College of Engineering, College of Science, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Berthiaume Institute for Precision Health, Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame, and Notre Dame Nanoscience and Technology.

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