Notre Dame Nanoscience and Technology (NDnano) promotes collaborative research in science and engineering to address unsolved scientific and technical questions with an aim to promote the greater good. Advances in imaging and characterization, multi-physics modeling, synthesis, growth, and nanofabrication are enabling breakthroughs in all science and engineering disciplines. NDnano is where Notre Dame faculty, researchers, and students meet to broaden understanding, discuss multidisciplinary research opportunities, and shape future research directions.

Notre Dame tops $222 million in research awards, breaking previous records

“In the face of a most difficult year, Notre Dame’s faculty and staff continued to actively pursue scholarship opportunities that reflect our mission to be a force for good in the world, both in the creation and application of knowledge,” said Robert J. Bernhard, vice president for research and professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering.

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Year-One Recap of New PhD Program

The interdisciplinary Materials Science and Engineering PhD program is off to a fast start, bringing new recognition to the University's historic expertise in materials science and engineering. This recap of the program's first year includes stats, student highlights, faculty awards and milestones, and stories of some of the materials research taking place at Notre Dame. 

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2021 Undergraduate Researchers Recap their Summer Projects

Nineteen students participated in NDnano's Undergraduate Research Fellowship program. The students, each selected by faculty affiliated with Notre Dame Nanoscience and Technology, spent 10 weeks on campus immersed in projects from nanofabrication and therapeutics to membranes, modeling and design. Read the summaries provided by the summer 2021 research fellows. Interested in applying? Check back in January for summer 2022 details.

Student Summaries