Notre Dame Nanoscience and Technology (NDnano) promotes collaborative research in science and engineering to address unsolved scientific and technical questions with an aim to promote the greater good. Advances in imaging and characterization, multi-physics modeling, synthesis, growth, and nanofabrication are enabling breakthroughs in all science and engineering disciplines. NDnano is where Notre Dame faculty, researchers, and students meet to broaden understanding, discuss multidisciplinary research opportunities, and shape future research directions.

Notre Dame and the CHIPS and Science Act

Notre Dame's history in microelectronics includes leadership of three national research centers funded by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (2008-2023), undergraduate and graduate courses offering both theory and hands-on training, and affiliation with the Midwest Semiconductor Network, which supports the domestic growth of robust semiconductor and microelectronics innovation and supply chain ecosystems.


Faculty journal editors share insights on the publication process at top journals

The faculty panelists shared with students their insights on the key factors that lead to publication and how student researchers can set themselves up for success when navigating the publication process.




Summer 2023 NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Engineering and science students in the 2023 NURF program immersed themselves in summer research in labs across the Notre Dame campus. Read about their experience! Looking for a great research opportunity for summer 2024? Check back here in mid-December for summer 2024 project and application details!

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