NDnano Proposal Development Grants

Notre Dame Nanoscience and Technology (NDnano) is soliciting proposals from faculty in the Colleges of Engineering and Science to assist in competing for center or center-like grants. To qualify for this proposal development grant, there should exist a solicitation or the expectation of a solicitation with a proposal due date in 2022-2023. Funding under the proposal development grant can be used to close technical gaps, prove concepts, strengthen research collaborations, enhance diversity, or develop any aspect of the center proposal needed to address other perceived weaknesses. For example, these funds can support students or postdocs, workshops, research in the core facilities, etc. The total budget available for the proposal development grants is $150,000.  Proposals will be reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel of NDnano affiliated faculty.

How to Apply

Teams interested in applying should complete the template linked below. Completed templates should be emailed to Derek Lake, NDnano associate director (dlake@nd.edu), no later than 5 PM on June 1, 2022. Questions can also be directed to Derek Lake.  Interested faculty are encouraged to reach out to Alan Seabaugh or Derek Lake to discuss their proposal idea before submitting.

Lead proposers do not have to be currently affiliated with NDnano, but are expected to affiliate if awarded a proposal grant.

Template for NDnano Proposal Development Grant