NDnano Grad Student-Postdoc Group

NDnano seeks to build community across research disciplines in science and engineering to help solve the world's technical challenges and to develop the students of today to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Kickoff Lunch Aug 2021
Group Welcome Lunch, August 2021

The NDnano Graduate Student and Post-Doc group brings together students to share ideas, make connections, and develop an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems. The group is student-led and has 6 - 8 meetings per year, where students share their research, discuss obstacles, and hear from experts both within and outside the Notre Dame community. There are also social events like coffee breaks to give students from across the campus an opportunity to get to know each other.

Want to join the student group?  Details on upcoming meetings and events are below.

Collaboration Database

Learn more about the expertise of your fellow students and capabilities available across the Notre Dame campus through the Collaboration Database.

Upcoming Events

Small-group Community Building
This activity encourages collaboration and networking among engineering and science graduate students and postdocs. Each month you will meet new NDnano connections for a one-hour discussion (in-person or via zoom) on topics related to research, your experience at Notre Dame, what you do to have fun, relax, and recharge, etc. For more information, contact Bridgette Before (bbefort@nd.edu)

NDnano Grad Student-Postdoc Leadership Meeting
Thursday, October 7 • 12:00-1:00 pm

Thursday, November 4 • 12:00-1:00 pm

Wednesday, October 13  •  12:45-1:45 pm  •  125 DeBartolo Hall
"Fab Like a Champion Today: Post-Graduate Industrial R&D Stories & Perspectives"
Presented by Dr. Andrew Carter, Teledyne Scientific and Imaging

Group mailing list

To receive invitations to group meetings and event, email Heidi Deethardt at deethardt.1@nd.edu.