NDnano welcomes new associate director Derek Lake

Bj 3NDnano Associate Director Derek Lake

Derek Lake has joined the University of Notre Dame as the associate director of the Center for Nano Science and Technology (NDnano). In his new role in NDnano, Lake will work to advance the center’s research and foster interdisciplinary collaborations between faculty on campus.


Lake received the Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry in 2003 from the University of Delaware and worked for over 15 years in industry, with Sabic (formerly GE Plastics) of Mt. Vernon, Indiana.


“With Derek’s experience in analytical chemistry as well as in the development, characterization, and scale-up of polymers, he brings significant new expertise to the NDnano team,” said Alan Seabaugh, director of NDnano and Frank M. Freimann Professor of Electrical Engineering. “His industry connections will benefit the center and our affiliated faculty.”


Since his arrival, Lake has been meeting with NDnano researchers to learn about their labs and ongoing projects. “Over the coming weeks, I will continue to meet with researchers and gain insight into how they see NDnano and how our center can better contribute to their success,” said Lake. “I am excited to get more involved in the idea development process and see how my past experience can provide a different perspective.”


To learn more about Lake, please visit https://nano.nd.edu/about/staff/?id=derek-lake.


NDnano promotes collaborative research in science and engineering to address unsolved scientific and technical questions with an aim to promote the greater good. Advances in imaging and characterization, synthesis, growth, and nanofabrication are enabling breakthroughs in all science and engineering disciplines. NDnano is where Notre Dame faculty, researchers, and students meet to broaden understanding, discuss multidisciplinary research opportunities, and shape future research directions.


To learn more about the center, its members, and its research, please visit nano.nd.edu.




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