• Technology Commercialization

    NDnano hosts Indiana Commerce Secretary Victor Smith for discussions on Notre Dame's technology commercialization opportunities

  • NDnano Undergrad Research Fellowships

    Applications being accepted January 13 - February 6 for the summer 2015 fellowships!

  • Multi-Chamber Sputtering System in ND Nanofabrication Facility

  • ND leads the way in low-power microelectronics

Notre Dame's Center for Nano Science and Technology

NDnano is a world-class, collaborative research center that includes faculty from seven departments across the colleges of Engineering and Science. The Center is focused on developing, characterizing, and applying new nanotechnology-based materials, processes, devices, and solutions that will better society.

NDnano’s mission is to promote, enable, and advance multidisciplinary nanotechnology education and research to include:

  • defining, manipulating, and controlling the properties of new nano-materials
  • collaborating with peer universities, industry, and government to accelerate advances in the field of nano science
  • developing solutions and applications that help address society's global issues while representing a force for good in the discussion on the ethics and possible societal impacts of the new science

In the News

  • 1.19.15: Call for student abstracts for College of Science Joint Annual Meeting (COS-JAM). More
  • 1.13.15: Applications now being accepted for summer 2015 NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowships. More
  • 12.23.14: Memorial dedicated for Saint Mary's student Ziqi Zhang. More
  • 12.18.14: New Notre Dame paper offers novel insights into pathogen behavior. More
  • 12.12.14: Morten Eskildsen named a Fellow for the American Physical Society. More
  • 12.8.14: Notre Dame’s Reilly Center releases 2015 List of Emerging Ethical Dilemmas and Policy Issues in Science and Technology. More
  • 12.3.14: Notre Dame spin-out company wins big at International Conference on Micro-Electronics. More
  • 11.20.14: Gary Bernstein named 2014 Indiana Master of Innovation. More | South Bend Tribune
  • 11.18.14: Inside Indiana Business - Forbes: "There's a lot happening here" More
  • 11.18.14: ND hosts first annual Soft Polymer Materials Symposium. More
  • 11.3.14:  Prashant Kamat named a Pravasi Fellow. More
  • 10.30.14: Northwestern student takes top prize in ND’s national undergraduate nanotech research competition. More
  • 10.29.14: Naughton gift fuels research on both sides of the Atlantic. More
  • 10.27.14: Notre Dame’s junior faculty achieve record success in nationally competitive awards. More
  • 10.27.14: Nano Impacts Public Lecture: "Is Responsible Nanotechnology Doomed to Failure?" More
  • 10.22.14: Jena receives 2014 MBE Young Investigator Award. More
  • 10.03.14: Groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate $35 million gift from McCourtneys for research facility. More
  • 9.22.14: Finalists announced in NDConnect 2014 undergrad nanotechnology research competition. More
  • 9.19.14: Notre Dame reports highest level of research funding in a non-stimulus year. More
  • 8.26.14: Two-time NDnano undergrad fellow publishes research on polymer electrolytes for batteries. More
  • 8.12.14: Notre Dame paper offers insights into a new class of semiconducting materials. More
  • 7.31.14: Symposium to highlight campus-wide summer undergrad research. More
  • 7.17.14: Notre Dame researchers to collaborate with Micron for the development of two-dimensional memory. More
  • 7.2.14: Jason Hicks receives 2014 CAREER Award. More



Nano Impacts Discussion


Location: 258 Fitzpatrick Hall

Leader: Brett Robinson
Title - Apple Iconography: Marketing the Metaphysics of Media

The convergence of religious fervor and technological aspiration is nowhere more apparent than in the publicity surrounding the Apple computer company and its decadent devices. A survey of Apple’s advertising from the last thirty years reveals a visual language laden with religious metaphor and parody. Brett Robinson provides a semiotic interpretation of Apple’s most iconic publicity images - revealing a discourse that combines technological and theological rhetoric.…

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Radiation Lab Seminar: Vikram Dalal, University of Iowa


Location: Radiation Lab Auditorium

Abstract: Perovskite solar cells are clearly the new frontier in solar energy conversion. They have the potential of significantly increasing the efficiency of crystalline Si solar cells to the 30% range when used in a tandem cell arrangement. In this talk, Dr. Dalal will discuss an all vapor-phase deposition process for making perovskite cells, and the detailed electronic properties of perovskite cells deposited using both methyl ammonium iodide and formamine iodide  precursors. He will discuss the fundamental thermally induced structural instability of both material systems. Both n-i-p and p-i-n types of cells will be described, along with the relative advantages of each type.…

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NDnano Center Meeting


Location: McNeill Room, LaFortune Student Center

Center news and faculty research overviews

Faculty presenters:

  • Kathleen Eggleson (NDnano and ESTEEM)
  • Haifeng Gao (Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • Jason Hicks (Dept. of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)

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