• Congratulations to the 2016 NDnano Summer Undergraduate Researchers

  • Schultz Research Lab

    Studying protein receptor recognition relevant cellular signaling by leveraging enhancements associated with plasmon resonances in gold nano structures. Figure: Tip-enhanced Raman microscopy of functionalized nanoparticles provides new insight into protein ligand interactions in cells.

  • Gao Research Lab

    Polymer synthesis and functionalization via efficient and orthogonal methodologies

  • Notre Dame Nanofabrication Facility

Notre Dame's Center for Nano Science and Technology

NDnano is a world-class, collaborative research center that includes faculty from seven departments across the colleges of Engineering and Science. The Center is focused on developing, characterizing, and applying new nanotechnology-based materials, processes, devices, and solutions that will better society.

NDnano’s mission is to promote, enable, and advance multidisciplinary nanotechnology education and research to include:

  • defining, manipulating, and controlling the properties of new nano-materials
  • collaborating with peer universities, industry, and government to accelerate advances in the field of nano science
  • developing solutions and applications that help address society's global issues while representing a force for good in the discussion on the ethics and possible societal impacts of the new science


Haifeng Gao recognized with NSF CAREER Award

Author: Heidi Deethardt

Haifeng Gao, assistant professor in the department of chemistry and biochemistry, was honored with an NSF Early Career Development Award (CAREER) for his proposal entitled "Chain-growth Polymerization of AB2 Monomer to Produce Hyperbranched Polymers". 

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