• Multi-Chamber Sputtering System in ND Nanofabrication Facility

  • Prof. Ryan Roeder Research Lab

    TEM micrograph of silica encapsulated gold nanoparticles prepared by postdoctoral researcher Prakash Nallathamby and used as targeted probes for medical imaging research

  • ND leads the way in low-power microelectronics

Notre Dame's Center for Nano Science and Technology

NDnano is a world-class, collaborative research center that includes faculty from seven departments across the colleges of Engineering and Science. The Center is focused on developing, characterizing, and applying new nanotechnology-based materials, processes, devices, and solutions that will better society.

NDnano’s mission is to promote, enable, and advance multidisciplinary nanotechnology education and research to include:

  • defining, manipulating, and controlling the properties of new nano-materials
  • collaborating with peer universities, industry, and government to accelerate advances in the field of nano science
  • developing solutions and applications that help address society's global issues while representing a force for good in the discussion on the ethics and possible societal impacts of the new science

In the News

  • 10.03.14: Groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate $35 million gift from McCourtneys for research facility. More
  • 9.22.14: Finalists announced in NDConnect 2014 undergrad nanotechnology research competition. More
  • 9.19.14: Notre Dame reports highest level of research funding in a non-stimulus year. More
  • 8.26.14: Two-time NDnano undergrad fellow publishes research on polymer electrolytes for batteries. More
  • 8.12.14: Notre Dame paper offers insights into a new class of semiconducting materials. More
  • 7.31.14: Symposium to highlight campus-wide summer undergrad research. More
  • 7.17.14: Notre Dame researchers to collaborate with Micron for the development of two-dimensional memory. More
  • 7.2.14: Jason Hicks receives 2014 CAREER Award. More
  • 6.23.14: Prashant Kamat named one of the world's most influential scientific minds by Thomson Reuters. More
  • 6.9.14: Peter Kogge receives 2014 Babbage Award. More
  • 6.3.14: Marya Lieberman receives Grand Challenges Explorations grant for research in global health and development. More
  • 5.23.14: Prashant Kamat receives Research Achievement Award at President's Dinner. More
  • 5.22.14: Lei Liu and THz Circuits and Systems group research featured in Electronics Letters. More
  • 5.22.14: NDnano fellowship students Kyle McCall and Craig Cahillane among top College of Science seniors. More
  • 5.15.14: Nanoelectronics pioneer Evelyn Hu to receive honorary degree at Notre Dame's 169th Commencement ceremony. More
  • 5.9.14 South Bend Tribune: NDnano fellowship student John Szajko among first nanotech grads at Ivy Tech. More
  • 5.9.14: Haifeng Gao receives research award from the Department of Army. More
  • 5.6.14: NDnano to sponsor 4th annual NDConnect undergraduate research contest. Apply by June 8. More
  • 5.5.14: Michael Niemier among faculty honored for teaching excellence. More
  • 4.28.14: Eggleson speaks on societal trends influencing access to dual-use nanotechnologies. More
  • 4.25.14: Bilgicer research targets cancer. More
  • 4.23.14: Notre Dame faculty organize discussion of emerging transistor technologies. More
  • 4.16.14: Grace Xing named 2014 ISCS Young Scientist. More
  • 4.14.14: ND-Tyndall workshop explores collaboration opportunities. More
  • 4.1.14: Physics researchers provide new insights into quantum dynamics and quantum chaos. More
  • 3.31.14: ND Integrated Imaging Facility announces awards for best imaging publications. More
  • 3.28.14: NDnano to sponsor 14th International Workshop on Cellular Nanoscale Networks and their Applications, July 29-31. Conference website
  • 3.28.14: Congratulations! 2014 NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowship recipients announced. More
  • 3.20.14: NDnano names David Balkin as managing director. More
  • 3.10.14: Notre Dame researchers discover new 2-D quasicrystals with unusual five-fold symmetry. More



Nano Impacts Lecture: "Is Responsible Nanotechnology Doomed to Failure?"


Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium

Andrew D. Maynard, Ph.D.
NSF International Chair of Environmental Health Sciences
Chair, University of Michigan Environmental Health Sciences Department
Director, University of Michigan Risk Science Center  

Abstract: For nearly 20 years, nanotechnology has dominated policy and dialogue around emerging technologies. Hailed as the next industrial revolution, nanotechnology has been built on the strength of new science, new engineering, and new products. It has been framed as an essential stimulator of economic growth, and it has been promoted as critical to addressing some of the toughest challenges of our time, from cancer to climate change. Nanotechnology has been sold as a responsible technology in that it will lead to tools that support the sustainable betterment of society, while helping to manage the excesses of less responsible times. But how responsible is the technology in reality? Is it merely a cynical co-opting of an existing trend in science and technology to line the pockets of researchers and entrepreneurs? Or does it hold the seeds of a new, more responsible approach to technology innovation? This lecture will explore both the opportunities and challenges around ensuring the “nanotechnology revolution” leads to sustainable progress, from a technological, economic, environmental, and societal perspective.…

Read More

NDnano Center Meeting


Location: McNeill Room, LaFortune Student Center

Faculty presenters: Kathy Deak and Joel Boerckel

Read More