Materials Science and Engineering students tour ISNAP facilities

Notre Dame Materials Science and Engineering students recently toured the Institute for Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics (ISNAP) in Nieuwland Science Hall and learned how these unique facilities are utilized in materials research. Khachatur Manukyan, ​Associate Research Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, discussed his research with the students. This included how instrumentation in the ISNAP facility is used to synthesize, investigate, and characterize materials. Examples of this research include the synthesis of isotopically pure targets for nuclear physics research and characterizing historic materials like coins and paper money.

Ani Aprihamian, Frank M. Freimann Professor of Physics, reviewed how the ISNAP facilities are used to study astrophysics and the origins of the universe. Dr. Aprihamian then led the group on a tour of ISNAP and its three accelerators. This gave students a chance to go behind the scenes and get an up-close look at the ISNAP facility. Students also learned about Notre Dame’s long history in experimental nuclear physics and the exciting research going on today.

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