Materials Science

Building on a Strong Foundation of Materials Research

The University of Notre Dame's history in materials science and engineering dates back to the former Department of Metallurgy that began in 1933. Notre Dame faculty across the Colleges of Engineering and Science continue to be engaged in materials research and development. The University's signature materials research efforts are in:

  • Quantum - semiconductors, ferroelectrics, magnetics, electronics, photonics
  • Biomaterials - diagnostics and drug delivery
  • Polymers - membranes and catalysts
  • Actinides - nanomaterials, fuels, recycling, and wasteforms

Notre Dame has additional strengths in computational theory and simulation, applications modeling, and analysis of collective phenomena, complex networks, and social behavior. Building on its history, combined experience, and the University’s research resources, Notre Dame is uniquely positioned to meet the materials challenges of the future.

Notre Dame Materials Science and Engineering aims to promote the interdisciplinary understanding of materials through collaborative research to advance knowledge and promote the greater good.

Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering

Notre Dame's Materials Science and Engineering doctoral program is a distinctive, interdisciplinary program representing seven departments and programs in the Colleges of Engineering and Science.

This doctoral program enhances student understanding through an interdisciplinary approach and leverages materials expertise to open new doors for graduates to industry, government, and academic careers. As engineering and scientific problems become increasingly complex, this degree broadens the expertise of graduates to aid them in assuming leadership roles in sophisticated fields. 


Notre Dame Materials Science and Engineering is supported by the College of EngineeringCollege of Science, and the following Notre Dame Research units: Harper Cancer Research Institute, Institute for Precision Health, Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (ND Energy), and Notre Dame Nanoscience and Technology (NDnano). Notre Dame Materials Science and Engineering is administered by NDnano.