Leadership changes the next step for Notre Dame's Materials Science and Engineering Doctoral Program

Three faculty committees preside over the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) doctoral program. In alignment with the interdisciplinary nature of the program, each of the three committees has representation from the participating departments and programs.

In the past year, the following changes to committee membership have taken place:

Steering Committee

  • Morten Eskildsen, outgoing committee chair (Physics and Astronomy).
  • Ryan Roeder, now committee chair through Spring 2024 (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and Bioengineering).
  • Anthony Hoffman, now committee co-chair through Spring 2024 (Electrical Engineering).
  • Daifei Jin, incoming committee member (Physics and Astronomy).

Academic Committee

  • Greg Hartland, outgoing committee chair (Chemistry and Biochemistry).
  • Paul McGinn, now committee chair through Spring 2024 (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering).
  • Svetlana Neretina, now co-chair through Spring 2024 (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering).
  • Craig Lent, outgoing committee member, replaced by Christopher Hinkle (Electrical Engineering). 
  • Adam Jaffe, incoming committee member (Chemistry and Biochemistry).

Many thanks to all the current and past committee members for their time and counsel.

To learn more about the MSE PhD program, please visit https://nano.nd.edu/materials-science/phd-program.