Materials Science and Engineering Program Organization

The Materials Science and Engineering doctoral program is governed by three committees: the Executive Committee, the Steering Committee, and the Academic Committee.

Executive Committee

Responsibilities: Strategic planning, vision, and graduate fellowship selection.

Faculty Members

Peter Burns
Peter C. BurnsCivil & Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences


Ruilan Guo
Ruilan GuoChemical & Biomolecular Engineering


Boldizsar Janko
Boldizsar JankoPhysics


Masaru Kuno
Masaru Kuno, Committee Co-chairChemistry & Biochemistry


Glen Niebur
Glen NieburAerospace & Mechanical Engineering; Bioengineering


Alan Seabaugh
Alan Seabaugh, Committee ChairElectrical Engineering


Steering Committee

Responsibilities: Building community, doctoral thesis approval, raising visibility, and attracting top students.

Faculty Members

Morton Eskildsen
Morten Eskildsen, Committee ChairPhysics


Kyle Doudrick
Kyle DoudrickCivil & Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences


Anthony Hoffman
Anthony HoffmanElectrical Engineering


Prashant Kamt
Prashant KamatChemistry & Biochemistry


William Phillip
William PhillipChemical & Biomolecular Engineering


Ryan Roeder
Ryan Roeder, Committee Co-chairAerospace & Mechanical Engineering; Bioengineering


Academic Committee

Responsibilities: Refine the interdisciplinary curriculum to promote Notre Dame materials research.

Faculty Members

Badih Assaf
Badih AssafPhysics


Gregory Hartland
Gregory Hartland, Committee ChairChemistry & Biochemistry


Craig Lent
Craig LentElectrical Engineering


Paul McGinn
Paul McGinn, Committee Co-chairChemical & Biomolecular Engineering


Clive Neal
Clive NealCivil & Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences


Svetlana Neretina
Svetlana NeretinaAerospace & Mechanical Engineering


Need more information?

For more information on the Materials Science and Engineering Program, please contact us at MSE-list@nd.edu or 574-631-6470.