The University of Notre Dame is supporting the Microelectronics Commons, a new federal program, launched in the fall of 2023. The Commons is a national network of universities and industries, coordinated to enable lab-to-fab chip prototypes for defense and commercial applications and bridge the technical divide between proof-of-concept demonstrations and manufacturing. The Microelectronics Commons is creating on-shore capabilities to reduce the country’s reliance on foreign microelectronics and safeguard the nation from supply chain risks.
Current job postings:

Senior Engineering Director (limited-term)

The Senior Engineering Director will lead Notre Dame’s Microelectronics Commons program operations and coordinate the Notre Dame effort with the entire Commons’ network. The Director plays the lead role and will guide a four-member core team to meet project goals, working closely with faculty, industry, government program managers, visitors, and in close collaboration with Notre Dame leadership.

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Millimeter-Wave Circuit/Antenna Test Engineer (limited-term)

The Millimeter-Wave Circuit/Antenna Test Engineer will work in a newly established test lab. The test engineer will be responsible for the preparation, operation, and routine maintenance of instrumentation in the facility configured to test small-signal, noise, and large signal characteristics of transistors, amplifiers, and modules from Ka-band through G band, as well as antenna and antenna array characterization from D through G-band. 

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