Yanliang Zhang shares his advanced manufacturing research at NDnano network meeting

Yanliang Zhang Network Seminar2

Yanliang Zhang, an associate professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, presented an overview of his research at the NDnano networking lunch held January 26. Zhang’s Advanced Manufacturing for Energy and Health Lab focuses on creating transformative manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing and scalable nanomanufacturing for multi-functional and self-sustainable devices and systems.

The title for his January presentation was “Advanced Manufacturing of Sustainable Energy and Sensor Systems from Nanoscale Building Blocks.” Dr. Zhang shared how he and his group are developing methods to manufacture and transform a broad range of emerging nanoscale materials into sustainable and flexible energy, sensor, and electronic systems.

To learn more about Professor Zhang’s current research, please visit zhanglab.nd.edu. You can also read about his group’s recent collaboration with Notre Dame faculty members Alexander Dowling (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) and Tengfei Luo (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering) on a superfast, machine-learning assisted method to create high-performance, energy-saving thermoelectric devices

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