Xiaolong Liu shares his research on quantum matter at NDnano November meeting

Xiaolong Liu
Xiaolong Liu,
Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy

The November 2022 NDnano networking lunch meeting featured Xiaolong Liu, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Dr. Liu joined Notre Dame in the Spring 2022 semester, so this meeting provided many NDnano affiliated faculty their first opportunity to learn about his research interests, instrumentation, equipment, and lab facilities.

Professor Liu’s presentation was titled “Creation and visualization of quantum matter with atomic precision.” During his presentation, Dr. Liu explained his team’s experimental research activities, including bottom-up synthesis of artificial quantum materials, creation of quantum simulators via single molecule manipulations, and atomic-scale visualization of superconducting and topological quantum matter via low-temperature scanning probe microscopy. The session ended with questions and discussion.

NDnano sponsors monthly networking meetings to provide a forum for faculty and staff to discuss recent research, probe new ideas, and connect with new collaborators. Notre Dame faculty and staff are invited to attend and join in the discussion to learn and advance research at Notre Dame. Visit NDnano Events to learn about future networking sessions.