Two Notre Dame College of Science professors named as Highly Cited Researchers

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Prashant Kamat, the Rev. John A. Zahm Professor of Science in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Stuart Jones, associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, have been named as Highly Cited Researchers by Clarivate Web of Science for 2021.

Kamat has been on the list annually since 2014. Jones made the list for the first time in 2020.

“We are very pleased with the impact that the work of Professors Jones and Kamat is making,” said Robert J. Bernhard, professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering and vice president for research at the University of Notre Dame. “That so many authors are referencing their work is a huge compliment to them and a testament to the importance of their work.”

Kamat’s most frequently cited papers are “Quantum Dot Solar Cells. Semiconductor Nanocrystals as Light Harvesters” and “TiO2-graphene nanocomposites. UV-assisted photocatalytic reduction of graphene oxide.” He is affiliated with ND Energy, NDNano and the Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory.

Jones’s most cited papers include “A Guide to the Natural HIstory of Freshwater Lake Bacteria” and “Microbial Seed Banks: The Ecological and Evolutionary Implications of Dormancy.” He is affiliated with the Environmental Change Initiative and is associate director of aquatic research at the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center (UNDERC).

Both Kamat and Jones are among the top 1% of researchers cited during their fields this year in Web of Science, which organizes the world’s research information. Just over 6,600 researchers were selected from more than 70 countries and regions. Data is taken from 21 science research fields and uses a percentile-based selection method to remove the citation advantage of older papers over recently published ones.


Originally published by Deanna Csomo Ferrell at on December 15, 2021.