New NSF REU site at Notre Dame offers summer 2023 opportunities in soft materials research

The NSF-funded Soft Materials for Applications in Sustainability and Healthcare Engineering (SMASH Engineering) REU site at the University of Notre Dame will provide an immersive, full-time research experience for undergraduate students to develop their ability to advance materials-based solutions for some of the greatest engineering challenges of the 21st century: creating a sustainable energy future, providing water to the world’s population, preserving the natural environment, and developing affordable healthcare solutions. SMASH Engineering will center its research efforts on how polymeric materials can be molecularly-engineered to address these broad societal challenges through transformational innovations. The available research projects will span in scope from the basic science associated with the molecular design of polymeric materials through the engineering approaches used to define solutions to a problem of interest.

Prior research experience is not a prerequisite. Providing opportunities to learn about and gain experience in soft matter research is a goal of the SMASH Engineering REU site. Per NSF requirements, participants must be US citizens, US nationals, or permanent residents. 

In 2023, the SMASH Engineering REU site will run from 5/31/2023 through 7/28/2023. All REU participants will receive a generous stipend of $5400 for the 9 week program (paid on a biweekly basis), room and board, and fully funded travel costs.

The application form, which includes a portfolio of exemplary research projects that participants may work on, is provided at the following link: Application Form. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting 4/17/2023. The final application deadline is 4/30/2023.

Please reach out to Prof. William Phillip ( or Prof. Jennifer Schaefer ( with questions.