Kaiyu Fu outlines his research on using nanostructured electrodes to overcome the challenges of small-scale electrochemical biosensors

Kaiyu Fu Ndnano Network

Kaiyu Fu, who returned to Notre Dame in 2022 as assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, was the guest speaker at the April NDnano networking lunch for affiliated faculty and staff. The research in Professor Fu’s lab overlaps three disciplines: electrochemistry, nanoscience, and synthetic biology. His presentation at April’s NDnano meeting focused on “Leveraging Nanostructured Electrodes to Transform Electrochemical Biosensor for Real-Time Measurement.”

Dr. Fu reviewed his research with aptamer-based electrochemical biosensors, which allow for operation in complex samples, like living organisms. These biosensors offer the ability to miniaturize into a low-cost system with wireless communication, but this can come at the cost of decreased signal-to-noise. Professor Fu discussed how he is working to overcome these limitations to deliver implantable sensors for real time monitoring in applications like chemotherapy. The presentation concluded with questions and discussion with the audience.

Learn more about Professor Fu’s multidisciplinary research in this October 2022 article published by the College of Science.

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