NDnano Faculty Networking Lunch

This is the monthly networking meeting for faculty and staff affiliated with NDnano. For more information on affiliating with the Center, please contact Heidi Deethardt at

Thursday, January 26
Noon-1:00 pm
B01 McCourtney Hall
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Yanliang Zhang, Associate Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering


"Advanced Manufacturing of Sustainable Energy and Sensor Systems from Nanoscale Building Blocks"


Nanoscale materials are attractive building blocks for a broad range of emerging technologies due to their unique and often superior properties. However, transforming nanoscale materials into functional devices and systems while translating their unique properties from nanoscale to macroscale remains a major challenge due to many scientific and technological obstacles. This talk will focus on our research on developing innovative and synergistic additive manufacturing and scalable nanomanufacturing methods to manufacture and transform a broad range of emerging nanoscale materials into sustainable and flexible energy, sensor and electronic systems in a highly scalable and controllable manner.