NDnano Faculty Networking Lunch

This is the monthly networking meeting for faculty affiliated with NDnano. New faculty are welcome! For more information on affiliating with the Center, please contact Heidi Deethardt at

March 23 Presenter

Prof. László Forró
Stavropoulos Center for Complex Quantum Matter
Department of Physics

"Mechanical response of nanofilaments"

Abstract: With the advent of nanoscale science, researchers have elaborated the synthesis of a broad range of nanofilaments (nanotubes and nanowires) made from various materials, including carbon and non-carbon-based compounds. They are foreseen for a wide range of applications such as tissue engineering, reinforcement in composites, nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS), photovoltaics, flexible electronics, implants, and others. In many of these potential applications, the mechanical strength of the nanofilaments is an important parameter. Several methods have been elaborated to measure the elastic modulus (E). Still, arguably, the one which has allowed a systematic study with the purpose of engineering high strength materials (measuring Young’s and shear moduli, rupture force) and which went beyond the inorganic structures - towards biopolymers, cytoskeleton elements - is the AFM-based 3-point bending measurement, popularly called the Swiss Cheese Method, developed in my lab. I will give a short overview of it.