NDnano Grad Student-Postdoc Seminar: Post-Graduate Industrial R&D Stories & Perspectives


Dr. Andrew Carter
Teledyne Scientific and Imaging, Thousand Oaks, CA

Andrew Carter

After completing a PhD program, one would assume an academic career is the next step. As industrial/commercial engineering projects become ever more complex, the intensity and rigor provided by a PhD program produces an ideal set of skills. The ability to define and execute independent research can pay real dividends in the workplace. This seminar will cover two distinct topics: 1) The past decade of our research into heterogeneous compound semiconductor integration; and 2) perspectives from multiple PhD engineers who transitioned into commercial/industry, from R&D, manufacturing, consulting, and more.


Andrew Carter is a Semiconductor Development Engineer at Teledyne Scientific and Imaging in Thousand Oaks, CA. He holds a BS (University of Notre Dame), MS, and PhD (UC Santa Barbara), all in electrical engineering. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 publications on III-V electronics or electrical heterogeneous integration techniques, and one patent.