NDnano Summer Research Presentations

NDnano's summer undergraduate research fellows will present a recap of their summer projects. Please join us!

Session 1  
10:00 am   Alisha Agrawal (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)
  "Synthesis and phase characterization of a novel electrolyte"
10:10 am   Mason Anderson (University of Notre Dame)
  "Thermal and flow effects on non-membrane, low temperature desalination system"
10:20 am   Raul Lema (University of Notre Dame)
  "Analysis and experimental demonstration of thermal diodes with a phase-change and phase-invariant material junctions"
10:30 am   Bryce Beddard (Vanderbilt University)
  "Monolayer thin film deposition of nanoparticles for analysis of optical properties"
10:40 am   Zhaoyuan (Andy) Fang (University of Notre Dame)
  "Engineering optical modes in thin layers of epsilon-near-zero polar semiconductors"
10:50 am   Kyle Kotesky (Purdue Polytechnic Institute)
  "Nano-catalyst leaching project"
11:00 am   Break
Session 2  
11:20 am   Siena Mantooth (University of Notre Dame)
  "Targeted asparaginase for improved treatment of pediatric leukemia"
11:30 am   William McCarthy (Trinity College Dublin)
  "Synthesis of peptidic derivatives on 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxamide and investigation of their supramolecular-assembly"
11:40 am   Calvin Nazareth (University of Notre Dame)
  "Self-assembly of amphiphilic tripeptides and their peptoid analogues"
11:50 am   Sushree Jagriti Sahoo (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)
  "Elucidating fundamental transport properties of charge mosaic membranes"
12:00 pm   Mauricio Segovia (University of Notre Dame)
  "High-throughout spray coating of membranes for applications in desalination and waste chemical recovery"