Student seminar: Creative Effective Posters

"Creating Effective Posters"
presented by Prof. Marya Lieberman
Thursday, July 6 • 9:00am
101 Jordan Hall of Science

This talk will focus on how to design a scientific poster that attracts the reader's eye, presents the correct amount of background to set your research problem in context, and conveys your research results clearly and without hyperbole. We will also touch on the "poster blurb," a 30-second to 3-minute oral presentation that can, if done correctly, leave the reader with a deeper appreciation for the significance of your results, your technical skills and intellectual contribution to the research project, and your professionalism. Finally, I'll cover the mechanics of how to put the poster graphics together and get your poster printed.

Bio sketch
Marya Lieberman is a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry with 20 years of experience in creating, presenting, reading, and judging scientific posters.