Undergraduate Research Summer Poster Session

The 12 students below, who are affiliated with the NURF summer research program, will participate in Friday's poster session at Jordan Hall.  Each poster is numbered, with the following schedule:

Odd #'d posters:  9:30 - 10:30a
Even #'d posters:  11:00a - Noon

Hope to see you there!


Poster 8
Repair of and Research with a Scanning Electron Microscope
Austin Cullison (Dr. Bernstein)

Poster 14
Thermal Properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA):LiClO[~4~] Electrolytes for Room Temperature Doping of 2D Crystal Transistors
Ashley Fuller (Dr. Fullerton)

Poster 21
Removing surface residue from graphene _via_ CO[~2~] annealing
Edward Hunckler (Dr. Fullerton)

Poster 22
Nanoparticle Synthesis for Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Solid-State Batteries
Michael Junker (Dr. McGinn)

Poster 30
Surface Smoothing of GaAs by Wet Thermal Oxidation
Charles Filipiak (Dr. Hall)

Poster 38
In Situ Synthesis and Self-Organized Deposition of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles Using Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas
Jorge Ramirez (Dr. Go)

Poster 39
SERS Detection of Glucose Phosphate Isomers
Colleen Riordan (Dr. Schultz)

Poster 40
Coordination Chemistry of CH[~3~]NH[~3~]PbI[~3~] Perovskite
Tessa Ronan (Dr. Kamat)

Poster 43
Non-Boolean Computing based on Oscillator Coupling
Nicholas Salay (Dr. Csaba)

Poster 46
Non-Boolean Computing Using Spin-Wave Devices
Emily Song (Dr. Csaba)

Poster 48
Analyzing Fictional Participatory Governance Scenarios with Automated Text Analysis
Justin Stamets (Dr. Eggleson)

Poster 53
Using Acoustic Features to Improve Automatic Question Detection in Noisy Classroom Environments
Abigail Walsh (Dr. D'Mello)