Notre Dame and Purdue students and postdocs are invited to discuss their research during the afternoon poster session and networking reception, to be held from 3:25 - 5:30 pm in the Jordan Hall of Science. Several prizes will be awarded.

Below is the roster of posters that will be on display at the event.

“Discovery of high-performance gas separation polymer membranes assisted by machine learning”
Agboola Suleiman (Notre Dame), Jiaxin Xu, Tengfei Luo, Ruilan Guo

“Diffusion imaging via pattern illumination by FT-FRAP”
Ziyi Cao (Purdue), Dustin M. Harmon, Yechan Hwang, Ruochen Yang, Aleksandr Razumtcev, Minghe Li, Mark S. Carlsen, Andreas C. Geiger, Alex M. Sherman, Nita Takanti, Jiayue Rong, Lynne S. Taylor, Garth J. Simpson

“Diboronate crosslinking: Introducing glucose specificity in glucose-responsive dynamic covalent networks”
Sijie Xian, Yuanhui Xiang (Notre Dame), Rachel C. Ollier, Sihan Yu, Bo Su, Irawan Pramudya, Matthew J. Webber

“Designing interfacial reactions to achieve nanometer-resolution surface patterning of amorphous polymer networks”
Laura Williams (Purdue), Anni Shi, Emmanuel Nava, Juan Arango, Shelley Claridge

“Thermodynamics of ionic bonding with crown ethers in aqueous solution”
Ramón González-Pérez (Notre Dame), Stephen Adams, Jonathan K. Whitmer

“Precision nanostructured presentation of glycans at interfaces for multivalent binding”
Anamika Singh (Purdue), Juan C. Arango, Anni Shi, Joseph d’Aliberti, Shelley A. Claridge

“Unimolecular encapsulation of hydrophobic bioactive molecules by (hyper)branched polytriazoles”
Kangling Ma (Notre Dame), Xiuyu Jin, Haifeng Gao

“Nanostructured surface functionalization of polyacrylamide hydrogels below the length scale of hydrogel heterogeneity”
Juan C. Arango (Purdue), Laura O. Williams, Anni Shi, Anamika Singh, Emmanuel K. Nava, Racheal V. Fisher, Joseph A. Garfield, Shelley A. Claridge

“Injectable and bio-responsive hydrogels for on-demand delivery of anti-cancer therapeutics”
Brenda Cruz González (Notre Dame), Fei Fan, Yueying Liu, Niranjan Awasthi, Sharon Stack, Donny Hanjaya-Putra

“Mechanics in organic mixed ionic-electronic conductors (OMIECs)”
Xiaokang Wang (Purdue), Jianguo Mei, Kejie Zhao

“Deep neural network inter-atomic potentials for free energy calculations of metal-organic frameworks crystallization mechanisms”
Orlando Mendible Barreto (Notre Dame), Yamil Colón

“Printing dynamic color palettes and layered textures through modeling-guided stacking of electrochromic polymers”
Ke Chen (Purdue), Yukun Wu, Liyan You, Wenting Wu, Xiaokang Wang, Di Zhang, James F. Elmand, Mustafa Ahmed, Haiyan Wang, Kejie Zhao, Jianguo Mei

“Organic solid-state crystalline complexes as lithium-ion battery electrolytes”
Lingyu Yang (Notre Dame), Jennifer L. Schaefer

“Helical molecular springs with varying spring constants”
Patrick T. Van Gheem (Purdue), Mica Schenkelberg, Olav Vestrheim, Severin T. Schneebeli

“Nanoscale structure control and in-depth characterization of molecular layer-by-layer assembled thin film”
Jizhou Jiang (Notre Dame), Jennifer L. Schaefer

“Circularly recyclable polymers featuring topochemically weakened carbon-carbon bonds”
Xuyi Luo (Purdue), Zitang Wei, Bumjoon Seo, Qixuan Hu, Jianguo Mei, Brett Savoie, Letian Dou

“Engineering all-solid metal-sulfur batteries”
Piyush Deshpande (Notre Dame), Jennifer Schaefer

“Development of materials for accelerated protein structural determination”
Kiera M. Estes (Purdue), Thao-Vy Nguyen, Aayush Aayush, David H. Thompson

“Bridging material design and system properties to separate rare earth elements using copolymer membranes”
Laurianne Lair (Notre Dame), Jonathan A. Ouimet, Xinhong Liu, Alexander W. Dowling, William A. Phillip

“Two-dimensional DNA arrays potential influence on their component tiles formation”
Victoria E. Paluzzi (Purdue), Cuizheng Zhang, Chengde Mao

“Mathematical modeling of polymeric ion pumps: Informing material design and system operating conditions”
Jonathan Aubuchon Ouimet (Notre Dame), William A. Phillip

“Mussel-inspired gallol polymers: Design and generation of biomimetic adhesives”
Tuhin S. Pal (Purdue), Nevin Naren, Nikhil K. Singha, Jonathan Wilker

“Active learning evaluation, criteria analysis, and application recommendation on metal-organic frameworks”
Etinosa Osaro (Notre Dame), Yamil Colón

“Microscopic understanding of swelling behavior of conjugated polymers”
Xixian Yang (Purdue), Kejie Zhao

“Photochemically reacted patterned membranes as efficient detectors for multiple heavy metal ions”
Shukun Zhong (Notre Dame), Tao Wang, John Hoffman, Jialing Xu, Adam Braegelman, Matthew Webber, Ruilan Guo, William Phillip

"Solution patterning method for two-dimensional perovskite nanocrystal arrays"
Yoon Ho Lee (Purdue), Jee Yung Park, Peiran Niu, Hanjun Yang, Dewei Sun, Libai Huang, Jianguo Mei, Letian Dou

“Atomistic simulation of soft porous coordination polymers”
James Carpenter (Notre Dame), Yamil Colón

“Effect of comonomer sequence distribution on the glass transition temperature of Poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid)”
Samruddhi Patil (Purdue), You-Yeon Won

“Energy landscapes of supramolecular peptide−drug conjugates directed by linker selection and drug topology”
Matthew J. Sis (Notre Dame), Zhou Ye, Katherine La Costa, Matthew J. Webber

“Thermally activated aromatic ionic dopants (TA-AIDs) enabling stable doping, orthogonal processing and direct patterning”
Zhifan Ke (Purdue), Mustafa H. Ahmed, Ashkan Abtahi, Shih-Hsin Hsu, Wenting Wu, Michael F. Espenship, Kyle N. Baustert, Kenneth R. Graham, Julia Laskin, Liang Pan, Jianguo Mei

"Dependence of perovskite stability on surface polymer composition"
Xiuyu Jin (Notre Dame), Kangling Ma, Haifeng Gao

"DNA conformational equilibrium enables continuously changing of curvatures"
Dake Mao (Purdue), Victoria E. Paluzzi, Cuizheng Zhang, and Chengde Mao

"Novel pentiptycene-based polybenzimidazole membranes for H2/CO2 separation"
Mengdi Liu (Notre Dame), Ruilan Guo

"Mechanical stability of amphiphilic block copolymer micelle monolayers: Effect of core block chemistry"
Seyoung Kim (Purdue), Sungwan Park, Daniel Fesenmeier, You-Yeon Won

"Molecular and material-level assessment of guest topology on host-guest recognition"
Christopher Addonizio (Notre Dame), Adam Braegelman, Rachel Ollier, Akwasi Ansah Antwi, Jonathan Whitmer, Matthew Webber

"Determination of polymer micelle core Tg, and the effect of the core Tg on the surface mechanical properties of polymer micelle langmuir monolayers"
Daniel Fesenmeier (Purdue), Seyoung Kim, You-Yeon Won

"Methacrylate-modified gold nanoparticles enable non-invasive monitoring of photocrosslinked hydrogel scaffolds"
Lan Li (Notre Dame), Carmen J. Gil, Tyler A. Finamore, Connor J. Evans, Vahid Serpooshan, Ryan K. Roeder

"Competitive formulation of a poly(catechol-co-styrene)–based adhesive for underwater applications"
Cindy L. Atencio-Martínez (Purdue), Alexandre Lancelot, Jonathan J. Wilker

"Developing a conductive alkaline exchange membrane via Friedel-Crafts polycondensation"
Chengkai Fan (Notre Dame), Lingyu Yang, Jennifer L. Schaefer, Haifeng Gao

"Substituent influence on conjugated radical cation degradation"
Kuluni Perera (Purdue), Wenting Wu, Matthias Zeller, Michael Espenship, Atheena Jenkins, Liyan You, Jianguo Mei

"Machine learning-assisted exploration of thermally conductive polymers based on high-throughput molecular dynamics simulations"
Hanfeng Zhang (Notre Dame), Ruimin Ma, Jiaxin Xu, Luning Sun, Jian-xun Wang, Tengfei Luo

"Black-to-transmissive dual polymer complementary electrochromics with high coloration efficiency"
Zhiyang Wang (Purdue), John M. Andjaba, Christopher Rybak, Liyan You, Christopher Uyeda, Jianguo Mei

"Dissipative non-equilibrium host-guest hydrogels regulated by consumable fuels"
Bo Su (Notre Dame), Teng Chi, Zhou Ye, Yuanhui Xiang, Ping Dong, Dongping Liu, Christopher J. Addonizio, Matthew J. Webber

"Studying how positive charges influence cohesive bonding versus surface interactions in biomimetic adhesives"
Jennifer M. Garcia Rodriguez (Purdue), Jonathan J. Wilker

"Glucose-fueled peptide assembly for hypoglycemia rescue"
Sihan Yu (Notre Dame), Sijie Xian, Matthew Webber

"Efficient and modular biofunctionalization of conjugated polymers through embedded latent disulfide"
Wenting Wu (Purdue), Dylan S. Forbes, Jianguo Mei

"Decoupling the chemical and physical effects of polymer substituents on gas separation performance"
Andrew Trowbridge (Notre Dame), Mengdi Liu, Alexander Hymes, Ruilan Guo, Haifeng Gao

"Ionic liquid crystals: Structured electrolytes"
Marvin Diaz Segura (Notre Dame), Andrew Scott Manning, Michael J. Quevillon, Jonathan K. Whitmer

"An integrated study of orchestrated neuronal migration and cortical folding"
Shuolun Wang (Notre Dame), Kengo Saito, Hiroshi Kawasaki, Maria A. Holland

"Improvement in gas permeability of crosslinked polyphenolpthalein copolymers by the introduction of free volume elements via beta-cyclodextrin crosslinkers"
Andrew Seeger (Notre Dame), Tao Wang, Ruilan Guo