Summer 2021 Instructions - Notre Dame students

Congratulations on your NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowship! We are looking forward to having you as part of the NURF program this summer. To help process your fellowship, please follow these instructions. If you have any questions or special considerations, please contact Heidi Deethardt: or 574-631-0279. Thank you!

1. Send Heidi Deethardt the following information at your earliest convenience:

  • Your NetID and ND ID #
  • Are you currently employed on campus through Student Employment? (yes or no, then see below for employment documentation required)
    • If you have been employed on campus through Student Employment recently, then you are likely all set with your employment paperwork (Form I-9, state and federal tax withholding, and direct deposit).
    • If you have not been employed on campus through Student Employment recently (or ever), you will receive an email from Human Resources when NDnano has entered your NURF job into the system. (Heidi will let you know by early May when to expect the email.) The email will include a link and the steps for you to follow to complete the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. This form is required for all newly hired (or rehired) employees. By law, these steps must be completed no later than your third day of work. Instructions are available on the Human Resources website, and will also be provided in the email you receive from Human Resources. 

Important note: When you report to Human Resources (200 Grace Hall) to complete the last step of the process, you must present ORIGINAL personal identification documents (copies/facsimiles are not accepted). The instructions provide a list of the acceptable forms of identification. If you need to make arrangements to obtain the original documents from home, please plan accordingly. 

After your NURF job is entered into the system, you will also need to complete online federal and state tax withholding forms, as well as a direct deposit form so your paycheck can be deposited into your bank account. These can be accessed via InsideND (search “tax withholding elections” and “direct deposit”). Contact Heidi if you need assistance.

  • Start and end date of your 10-week fellowship. Please work with your NURF faculty mentor to determine the dates of your fellowship. Please plan your start and end dates to fall somewhere between Tuesday, May 25 and Friday, August 13, and include a total of 50 weekdays of work; time off is not included in the 50 days except for paid University holidays: Memorial Day (May 31) and Independence Day (paid holiday observed in 2021 on July 5). Options:
    • Monday, May 24 - Friday, July 30
    • Tuesday, June 1 (Monday is a holiday) - Friday, August 6
    • Monday, June 7 - Friday, August 13

As you consider your dates, please note:

  • The University allows students to work a maximum of 40 hours/week in the summer months (all campus jobs combined). This means that students cannot participate in the NURF program on a full-time basis and at the same time hold any other paid, on-campus, summer position.
  • The dorms have kitchenettes, not full kitchens. The kitchenettes are simply not equipped to accommodate 10 weeks of food storage and/or meal preparation for everyone in the dorm. Therefore, students living on campus are encouraged to purchase Domer Dollars to eat (at a discounted rate) in the dining halls. As noted, Domer Dollars can also be used at several off-campus eateries.
  • You may purchase a mini refrigerator for your dorm room (up to 5.0 cubic feet) if you want. Hot plates and microwaves are not permitted in dorm rooms.
  • Dining hall pricing is not yet available. Summer 2019 details are available for reference. Besides the dining halls, there are several additional places to eat on campus; most have shortened hours in the summer.

2. Determine your housing plans for the summer. The cost of housing and meals is not included in your fellowship. Please plan to cover all your summer travel and living expenses from your stipend or other personal funds.

On-campus housing: Two dorms (O'Neill Family for men and Ryan for women) will be available for 9 weeks for summer 2021. The earliest move-in date is Monday, May 24 at 5p. The latest move-out is Saturday, July 24 at Noon. Weekly rates and other important information is available at: If you are interested, please contact Heidi ASAP. Since NDnano has rooms reserved, please wait for further instructions from Heidi before applying.

Sacred Heart Parish Center on the north side of campus can accommodate students needing on-campus housing after the dorms close. The rates and reservation form are available at: Please complete the form and submit as soon as possible to Christina at CMACIEJ1@ND.EDU.

Off-campus housing: You are not required to live on campus, and many students in the NURF program choose to live off campus. You may be able to find an apartment or house to lease near campus via Craig’s List or at the following listings of off-campus options (although not all are within walking distance, nor furnished, nor offer short-term leases): and  You can also check the Facebook Group called "University of Notre Dame (ND) Housing, Sublets and Roommates."

If you are interested in the possibility of sharing a nearby apartment or house with another student in the NURF program, contact Heidi.

3. Beginning April 7, register for the zero-credit course EG 48999 CRN 1605 via Inside ND. 

4. If you are working in a lab, you will be required to take the appropriate University safety training course(s) annually. Many of the training courses are web-based through ComplyND, and you will be provided online access to the courses by the administrative assistant in your faculty’s department.

If you will need to work in the cleanroom at Stinson-Remick Hall, there is an additional on-site training session to attend. Additional instructions will be sent directly to those in need of this training after your arrival on campus. The need for this or other on-site training will be determined by your faculty mentor.


5. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: U.S.-based health insurance is required for international students, from the day of arrival through the day of departure. After registering, international students will be automatically enrolled in the University’s student health insurance plan, and will be billed after May 16 through their student account (~$535 for a 10-week stay; more for each additional day). Information about the University health plan is available at

If you already have a U.S.-based plan* and want to consider waiving out of the University plan, you will need to provide proof of insurance that meets the criteria listed at the link above. You will receive email instructions about this option after registering; the waive-out process opens May 15. For insurance-related questions, contact University Health Services 574-631-7497 or An online tutorial about completing the waive-out process is available at on the University Health Services website

Some alternatives to the University’s health insurance plan include HTH Worldwide, ISO Insurance, USA-Assist, or United Health Care. However, you must still go through the waive-out process to have your coverage approved. Contact BEFORE you purchase alternate insurance and they will review/approve your selection BEFORE you purchase it. You can attach a copy of your alternate selection in your email for review.

If you successfully waive out of the University insurance plan, you will need to show a copy of your insurance card or a copy of the policy when you arrive on campus. You will be asked to sign a waiver saying that you are not taking the insurance from Notre Dame but have elected to take other insurance while in the U.S.

*If you are currently insured by a company outside of the U.S., check with that company to see if they have a sister company in the U.S. If so, you will need their U.S. address and phone number for the waive-out process.