For NURF faculty mentors - Summer 2021

Thank you again for your participation in the NURF program! Here is some helpful information for you as we look forward to the summer:

1) Just a reminder that the NURF positions are 40 hours per week, for 10 weeks. University policy allows students to work a maximum of 40 hours per week in the summer.

2) Paid holidays for students are Memorial Day (May 31) if they have started already, and July 5.

3) Please see this document from Risk Management to determine which safety training course(s) your NURF student(s) will need (see "Signs, Labels, Forms" and "Training" tabs). Then please notify your department admin, who will give the student access to the online training course via Comply-ND.

4) As an added element of ensuring student welfare, please implement a system where your NURF student checks in with you or someone else in your lab (in person or by phone/email/text) each weekday during their fellowship.  

5) Unless we have discussed otherwise, NDnano will complete all the paperwork required to process the NURF stipends through the Student Employment Office. In addition, only visiting students need to see me their first day (about 1.5 hours for international students; only about 30 minutes if they are coming from another U.S. university). International students will have an additional list of administrative items to take care of off and on their first few days. They also will need to go to the Social Security office in downtown South Bend to apply for their SSN.

6) Unless you have provided a FOAPAL or plan to, NDnano funds will cover your student's stipend. However, we are not able to cover supplies or medical exams required to work in your lab.

7) Please plan to make desk/seating arrangements for your student(s), and let them know where they are assigned and how to get keys or card access.

8) Please let them know when/where/to whom they should report their first day, especially if you won't be here that day.

9) We have lab books for each student, which we will get to you in May.

10) Each NURF student is responsible for submitting a 1-2 page faculty-approved project summary by the last day of their project, along with a good photo of them in their research environment. We post these to the NDnano website. I will provide them a template at the beginning of the summer and send them a reminder. Your support in having them turn these in on time is appreciated!

11) Summer events: In conjunction with the other REU programs, we’ll be scheduling several learning opportunities for the students throughout the summer, as well as a few social events. We'll follow the University's summer guidelines for gatherings, so we will communicate further details as they are confirmed. We hope you will encourage your students to participate!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask ... we're looking forward to an exciting summer!