Arrival Checklist Summer 2021 - Visiting International NURF Students

Notre Dame Security & Police (on campus):  574-631-5555.

Emergency (off campus):  911

All students can call UHS for consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 574-631-7497. 

Heidi Deethardt:  206 Cushing Hall, 574-631-0279.

Campus map:

During Day-One Orientation

On-campus and off-campus dining, and Domer Dollars

❍  Summer dining options:

Domer Dollars are convenient electronic funds that can be remotely programmed to your Notre Dame campus ID card (typically within 5 minutes of purchase). Domer Dollars provide campus ID card-holders the power to make purchases at many on-campus businesses and select off-campus merchants without the need to carry cash or credit cards. Campus vending and laundry also accept Domer Dollars. Unlike a credit card, there are no deposit fees, no mounting debts with Domer Dollars, no interest charged, and no monthly bill – just a record of the debits made from your already deposited funds. Deposits can be made electronically with a credit or debit card (minimum $5.00) in person at the Campus Card Office (423 Grace Hall) or online here:

More information:

❍  There are restaurants in Eddy Street Commons south of campus, a Martin’s Supermarket within walking distance to the east of campus, and countless restaurants and supermarkets throughout South Bend and Mishawaka!

❍  Note for those living in the dorms: The dorms have kitchenettes, not full kitchens. The kitchenettes are simply not equipped to accommodate 10 weeks of food storage and/or meal preparation for everyone in the dorm. Therefore, students living on campus are encouraged to purchase Domer Dollars to eat (at a discounted rate) in the dining halls. As noted, Domer Dollars can also be used at several off-campus eateries. Also, the key to continued availability of the kitchenette is holding yourself and others accountable for keeping them clean. In the past, if it got out of hand, the kitchenettes were closed for the remainder of the summer.

Health & safety

❍  Notre Dame and COVID:

❍  University Health Services:

❍  Summer Hours at University Health Services by appt only (Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00 pm; closed weekends):

❍  Other helpful University Health Services information: 

❍  Complete your safety training, online (ComplyND) or in person, as instructed by faculty mentor or department admin.

❍  Weekday check-in: For your welfare, please be sure you are checking in every weekday with someone in your research group (in person or by phone/text/email). Work this out with your faculty mentor.

❍  Provide local address and U.S. phone number to NDnano, in case of an emergency.

❍  Print insurance card at Aetna website (you should have received a notification) and review what is/isn’t covered: 

Employment paperwork and enrollment

❍  Activate your net ID and set up two-step login.

❍  Generate I-94 online at

❍  Complete first part of the Form I-9 process online today. You should have received an email with the link in your ND inbox.

❍  Complete state and federal tax withholding forms (online via

Instructions for federal tax forms: 

Instructions for state/county tax forms: 

❍  Complete the mandatory ND Roll Call for the EG 48999, CRN 1605 course (online via This is a very important step as it ensures you receive emergency notifications from the University during your fellowship.

If you don’t have a U.S. cell number yet, just add 000-000-0000 when asked, to complete the enrollment, then send the correct number ASAP to Include your name and ND ID #.

More Day-One Activities

Check in with International Student and Scholar Affairs (ISSA) to register your documents and start the process for obtaining your Social Security Number (SSN)

❍  To register your documents, you will need your passport, J-1 visa, DS-2019 and I-94. You will also need your ND ID # and the address where you are living while at ND. Brenda's appointment is at 8:30am.

❍  For SSN: Show ISSA representative the document on letterhead (Heidi to provide).

❍  For SSN: You will then get another letter from ISSA representative.

❍  To apply for SSN, see instructions and (Heidi to provide copy)

Complete Form I-9 process Tuesday by taking original documentation to Human Resources (200 Grace Hall • Tuesday and Friday 8:00 am - Noon)

❍  Take passport/visa, I-94, and DS-2019. Brenda's appointment is at 10:30am

Obtain Notre Dame ID card from Card Services (423 Grace Hall  •  Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm)

❍  Call 574-631-7814, email or visit to setup an appointment to get your Irish1Card.

❍  Take passport and ND ID #.

❍  You will need the card for access to buildings, offices, labs, dorms, Domer Dollars, etc.

Open U.S. bank account and complete the direct deposit form. Suggestion: First Source Bank (021 LaFortune Student Center • M - F 10:00 am – 5:00 pm)
Unpaid international students need U.S. account for Irish pay (housing, insurance, etc.)

❍  Take passport, local address, and at least $15. You will need a U.S. phone # for a debit card.

  • Also be sure to talk to them about how to close your account from abroad after summer 2021 because it will be easier to receive any tax refund you may be entitled to if it can be deposited into your U.S. account.

❍   Once your U.S. bank account is opened, complete the direct deposit form (online via

❍  To see pay stub, search “pay statement” in insideND.

Verizon and AT&T locations

Week-One Activities

❍  Complete the International Form (for those being paid by ND). (Heidi to provide)

  • Drop off the completed form in Payroll for Becky Laskowski (7th Floor Grace Hall), along with copies of your passport/visa, I-94, and DS2019. (Heidi to provide photocopies)

❍  If you haven’t already, enter/upload your immunization records and medical history form

  1. Have your physician complete and sign this immunization form:
  2. Log on to your portal and click on the My Forms tab. Complete all forms assigned to you as directed: (New student requirement form, Immunization Form, Covid Vaccination - Student, and Emergency Contact Form)
  3. You will be contacted by UHS if you are missing any vaccinations.  
  4. If you have difficulty with your portal or questions about your forms, feel free to contact University Health Services at 574-631-7497 or

Short tutorial near top of this page: 

Immunization FAQs: 

❍  If needed, contact Student Accounts for assistance with Irish Pay or to set up a payment plan:
116 Main Building

  • Housing is billed in advance for the entire summer. University health insurance is billed after your arrival. Immunizations are billed at time of service.
  • Check your student account on occasion and before you leave at the end of your fellowship.
  • Hint! Student account cannot be paid with an international debit card. 

❍  Complete the process for obtaining a Social Security Number

  • Complete the application (Heidi to provide).
  • Call first to verify COVID-process, then go in person to the Social Security Office in downtown South Bend (602 S. Michigan St.) in the next week (but at least 48 hours after checking in at ISSA).
  • Be sure to give them your complete/correct local mailing address, or feel free to give them Heidi's mailing address:

                      275 Fitzpatrick Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556.

Social Security Office hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri 9a – 3p. Wed 9a – Noon.  Phone: 1-877-274-5415

Route 7 bus goes from Hesburgh Library to the Transpo station directly across from the Social Security Office.

Process overview: 

  • When you receive your Social Security card in the mail, take it to HR with your ND ID so they can enter your Social Security number in the system. Do not (ever) email your Social Security number. Don’t carry your card in your purse/wallet (in case of theft), and do keep it in a secured location.


Before leaving

  • If leaving early and staying in the dorms, be sure to contact the Office of Housing ( to adjust dates, or you will be charged.
  • Make sure Becky Laskowski has your completed International Form and related docs.
  • Settle student account (campus housing, health insurance, parking pass, immunizations, etc.)
  • Make sure the University has your Social Security number and an address where your W2 form (statement of income) can be mailed for tax purposes in January (Human Resources, 200 Grace Hall). Otherwise, your W2 form will be mailed to your local summer address.

Early 2022

All students in the NURF program will have U.S. federal, state (Indiana), and county (St. Joseph) income taxes withheld from their semi-monthly paychecks. In addition, all fellowship recipients will be required to file both federal and state income tax returns by April 15, 2022 for income earned in the U.S. in the tax year 2021. The tax returns are mandatory and will determine if you are entitled to a refund of some/all of your income tax withholdings, or if you owe additional income taxes. The University provides recommendations (see Section A) to assist students in completing this task after they have returned to their home country. Again, filing tax returns is mandatory, and it’s the only way to receive any tax refund you may be due.