Notre Dame slated to participate in NRI-supported INDEX Center

Wolfgang Porod

Wolfgang Porod, the Frank M. Freimann Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and director of the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Nano Science and Technology (NDnano), has been invited to participate in the Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery and Exploration (INDEX). INDEX is led by the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) at the University of New York at Albany.

The INDEX Center, which is directed by Alain Diebold (SUNY Polytechnic Institute), focuses on a broad range of phenomena for logic devices and is organized into three themes: Steep sub-threshold (SS) Slope Graphene p-n Junction (GPNJ) Devices, All Spin Logic (ASL) and Charge-Coupled Spin Logic (CSL), and CNSE’s 300 mm Fab Integration. 

Porod, who is a leader in Nanomagnet Logic (NML) research, will support the Spin Logic research theme led by Joerg Appenzeller of Purdue University.   

INDEX partners with leading university researchers from Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Georgia Institute of Technology, New York University, Purdue, the University of Virginia, and now, the University of Notre Dame. The center is financially supported by the Nanoelectronics Research Initiative (NRI), New York State, IBM, semiconductor equipment manufacturers and semiconductor material suppliers.