NDnano Grad Students/Postdocs: Tour of Cleanroom and Microscopy Facilities

Join the NDnano Graduate Student and Postdoc group in Stinson-Remick on September 30 at noon to see and learn more about the cleanroom and electron microscopy facilities. Both of these facilities provide important assets for research at Notre Dame. From outside the cleanroom looking through the windows, you will get a guided explanation and description of the facility and its capabilities. In addition, you will get to walk through the electron microscopy facility and learn about its various SEM and TEM microscopes and sample preparation capabilities. This will be a good opportunity to learn about the facilities and how to use them, meet other students and postdocs who use the facilities, and learn how these capabilities can benefit your research. After the tours there will be refreshments in Room 100 and time to network with other graduate students and postdocs. We hope to see you there!

RSVP by September 29 to Heidi Deethardt

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