NDnano Faculty Research Presentation: Yi-Ting Hsu, Department of Physics

Please join us as we welcome Professor Yi-Ting Hsu to Notre Dame and learn more about her research interests and activities. Professor Hsu joined the Department of Physics this summer and has recently affiliated with NDnano. She will give a short overview of her current research, followed by time for questions and discussion.

Professor Hsu's interests lie in theoretical studies of emergent phenomena in quantum many-body systems driven by intertwined symmetries, topology, and interactions. Her focus is to understand and characterize new phases of matter emerging from such systems, as well as to search for their realizations. Particular topics she is currently excited about (but not limited to): 1) topological phases protected by crystalline symmetries, 2) unconventional superconductivity, 3) correlated phases in van der Waals materials (including moire systems), 4) dynamical phases in isolated quantum systems, and 5) machine-learning application to condensed matter problems.

We hope you'll join us! Contact Heidi Deethardt at for Zoom connection details.