2017 Notre Dame–Purdue Symposium on Soft Matter & Polymers and Poster Session

The Notre Dame-Purdue Symposium on Soft Matter & Polymers and Poster Session will be held on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at the Wilmeth Active Learning Center (RM3087) on Purdue's West Lafayette campus. This one-day symposium addresses the general synthesis and characterization of synthetic soft materials and their broad application in biomedical fields. In addition, the symposium will include a Science Forum and Tour targeting the participation of local high school and college students/teachers.

Symposium registration is now open at:

Please register by September 1.

In addition to the talks, graduate students and post doctoral fellows are invited to showcase their research results in an afternoon poster session, where prizes will be awarded for the best posters. (Students or faculty will need to cover the cost of poster printing.)

Poster presenters can use the link provided above to register their attendance and poster. Please register posters by September 1, 2017.


9:00 am Check-in
Wilmeth Active Learning Center, Room 3087
  Technical Session 1  •  Chair: Jianguo Mei
9:20 am "Hierarchical Assembly of Peptide-Based Materials for Regenerative Medicine"
Jean Chmielewski, Purdue, Chemistry
9:40 am "Manufacturing Functional Membranes from Nanostructured Polymers"
William A. Phillip, Notre Dame, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
10:00 am "Chain Confirmation and Thermal Conductivity in Bulk Amorphous Polymers"
Tengfei Luo, Notre Dame, Aerospace & Mechanical Engieering
10:20 am Coffee break
10:40 am "High-throughput Design of Polymer Electrolytes for Battery Applications"
Brett Savoie, Purdue, Chemical Engineering
11:00 am "Supramolecular Design of Soft Materials and Assemblies"
Matthew J. Webber, Notre Dame, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
11:20 am "Sub-nm-thick Functional Polymer Skins for 2D Materials"
Shelley Claridge, Purdue, Chemistry
11:40 am Lunch Break
  Technical Session 2  •  Chair: Haifeng Gao
1:30 pm "Cooperative Polymerization of N-Carboxyanhydride"
Jianjun Cheng, UIUC, Materials Science & Engineering
2:00 pm "Thermodynamics of Charging in Weak Polyelectrolytes"
Jonathan K. Whitmer, Notre Dame, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
2:20 pm "Polymer Lung Surfactants"
You-Yeon Won, Purdue, Chemical Engineering
2:40 pm Coffee break, group photo, and poster set-up
3:00 pm "Hierarchically Functional Polymers for Advanced Membrane Applications"
Ruilan Guo, Notre Dame, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
3:20 pm "Towards Anion-Templated Supramolecular Polymers"
Amar H. Flood, Indiana University, Chemistry
4:00 pm Graduate Student and Postdoc Poster Session and Science Forum
6:00 pm Poster winners announced

The Symposium is co-sponsored by the Notre Dame College of Science, College of Engineering, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, and Center for Nano Science & Technology (NDnano); Purdue College of Science and Birck Nanotechnology Center; and J & K Scientific.

Please address any questions regarding registration and posters to Jianguo Mei

Or, contact event organizers Jianguo Mei or Haifeng Gao for more information on the topics and scope of this symposium.