Presentations by NDnano's Summer Undergraduate Researchers

Several summer undergraduate researchers in NDnano will present their summer research on Thursday, August 4, in Nieuwland Hall. Please feel free to stop by room 123 as these students showcase their projects!


Session 1

10:00 am - Frances Ryan (Dublin City University):  "Light transmission spectroscopy for the sizing of nanoparticles in suspension"

10:10 am - Tom Witte (Notre Dame):  "Designing hyperbolic metamaterials using polar III-nitride semiconductors"

10:20 am - Brian Tyrrell (Trinity College Dublin):  "Conditions a countable model must satisfy for its Scott sentence to have an uncountable model of a specified cardinality"

10:30 am - Kyle Iwamoto (Notre Dame):  "Adjustable photonics of SiO2-Au core-shell nanoparticles"

10:40 am - Charles Marchant (University College Dublin):  "The role of methylammonium cations in perovskite solar cells"

10:50 am - Break


Session 2

11:10 am - Peter Hanly (University College Dublin):  "Fabrication of polymer nanofibers with anomalous thermal conductivity"

11:20 am - Nicolas Garcia (Notre Dame):  "Microperforation of silicon wafers for variable effective permittivities at sub-millimeter wavelengths"

11:30 am - Rachel Hanley (Dublin City University):  "Penetrating cancerous multicellular aggregates with magneto-electric nanoparticles"

11:40 am - Eoin O'Sullivan (Trinity College Dublin):  "Production of magneto-electric nanoparticles and functionalization for increased biocompatibility"