Poster Session for Summer Undergraduate Researchers

Several summer undergraduate researchers in NDnano, the Center for Research Computing, and ND Energy will showcase their summer research at a poster session scheduled for Wednesday, July 27, in the Jordan Hall Galleria.  Please stop by to learn about the wide range of research undertaken by the students this summer!  Below is the schedule for the NDnano-affiliated poster presenters.


Session 1 - 9:30-10:30am

Poster 2
Peter Hanly (University College Dublin)
Fabrication of polymer nanofibers with anomalous thermal conductivity 
Adviser: Dr. Tengfei Luo

Poster 4
Joseph Sawyer (Purdue University)
Detection of tumors using immunotargeted nanoparticles for contrast-enhanced CT
Adviser: Dr. Ryan Roeder

Poster 12
Ryan LaRue (McMaster University)
Novel high-throughput screening techniques for membrane evaluation
Adviser: Dr. William Phillip

Poster 14
Charles Marchant (University College Dublin)
The role of methylammonium cations in perovskite solar cells
Adviser: Dr. Prashant Kamat

Poster 24
Andrea Oviedo (Notre Dame)
Magneto-electric nanoparticles to specifically target cancer cells in vitro 
Adviser: Dr. Tiffanie Stewart


Session 2 - 10:45-11:45am

Poster 1
JeanPierre Clark (Notre Dame)
Behavior of plasma in contact with a conductive liquid anode
Adviser: Dr. Paul Rumbach

Poster 3
Amanda Peterson (Notre Dame)
Green plasma electrochemistry: Catalyst-free CO2 processing into methanol
Adviser: Dr. David Go

Poster 5
James Tedesco (McMaster University)
Noninvasive quantification of biomaterial degradation using nanoparticle imaging probes
Adviser: Dr. Ryan Roeder

Poster 11
Jin Kim (Notre Dame)
Tailoring the nanostructure of copolymer membranes through the use of selective swelling agents
Adviser: Dr. Willliam Phillip

Poster 15
Juan Velazquez (Notre Dame)
Graphene cathodes for membrane electrode assemblies
Adviser: Dr. Kyle Doudrick