Notre Dame Symposium on Electronics and Photonics

We are pleased to announce the University of Notre Dame Symposium on Electronics and Photonics:

Thursday, October 22
12:30 - 5:00pm
310 Jordan Hall

The symposium is an excellent opportunity for researchers to share their latest results and to learn about research in the local community. Contributed talks will be 10 minutes long with 2 minutes for questions. Student presenters will be considered for Best Presentations, with cash prizes totaling $900. The topics for this year's symposium include:

  • Electronic devices
  • Photonic devices and integration
  • Low-dimensional systems and 2D crystals
  • Applied photonics and biophotonics
  • Nanomagnetics
  • Other topics in electronics and photonics

Abstract submission is now closed

Schedule of topics/presenters

Photonic Devices & Integration
12:35 - 1:40 pm • Room 310 Jordan Hall
Time         Presenter Title of Talk
12:35 pm SM Islam
Electrical Engineering
Deep UV LEDs with GaN/AlN quantum structures using polarization-induced doping
12:50 pm Paul Johns
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Surface plasmon propagation in cut waveguides
1:00 pm Kaijun Feng
Electrical Engineering
Engineering the Restrahlen band with hybrid plasmonic/phononic mode
1:10 pm Yuan Tian
Electrical Engineering
Compound semiconductor native oxides for direct wafer bonding in optical integration
1:20 pm Zachary Santonil
Electrical Engineering
Application of critical dimension metrology techniques for the fabrication of low loss optical waveguides
1:30 pm Jinyang Li
Electrical Engineering
Oxide-confined high index contrast ridge waveguide lasers
1:40 pm    Break  
Nanomagnetics & low-dimensional systems and 2D crystals
1:50 - 2:40 pm • Room 310 Jordan Hall
1:50 pm Sara Fathipour
Electrical Engineering
Tunnel transistors using atomically thin semiconductors
2:00 pm Xin Mu
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Fine-tuning of thermal transport across graphene-metal interfaces through controlled functionalization
2:10 pm Himadri Dey
Electrical Engineering
Novel coupling scheme for nanomagnet logic (NML) applications
2:20 pm Dr. Gary Zaiats
Radiation Laboratory
Nonconcentric PbSe/CdSe colloidal quantum dots
2:30 pm Adam Papp
Electrical Engineering
Spin-wave-based computing
2:40 pm    Break  
Applied photonics and biophotonics and other topics
3:00 - 4:10 pm • Room 310 Jordan Hall
3:00 pm Genevieve Vigil
Electrical Engineering
Saturation multiphoton microscopy toward super resolution and super penetration
3:10 pm Gerardo Silva Oelker
Electrical Engineering
Sparse tensor approximation for uncertainty quantification on 2D periodic gratings
3:20 pm Zhongming Li
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Super-resolution imaging with mid-IR photothermal microscopy on the single particle level
3:30 pm Owen Dominguez
Electrical Engineering
Designing mid-infrared mie-based optical metamaterials
3:40 pm Charles Filipiak
Electrical Engineering
Holography undergraduate research and outreach activities at Notre Dame
3:50 pm Aamir Khan
Electrical Engineering
3-dimensional, high-resolution oxygen microscopy in vivo through multiphoton phosphorescence lifetime imaging
4:00 pm Yide Zhang
Electrical Engineering
On increasing the imaging rate of frequency-domain multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy
4:10 pm    Break  
Electronic devices
4:20 - 5:00 pm • Room 310 Jordan Hall
4:20 pm Golnaz Karbasian
Electrical Engineering
Experimental demonstration of single electron transistors featuring SiO2 PEALD in Ni-SiO2-Ni tunnel junctions
4:30 pm Erich Kinder
Electrical Engineering
Ion-locking electrolytes: A room temperature doping solution for 2D electronics and optoelectronics
4:40 pm Kaiyu Fu
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Fabrication of high density nanoelectrode arrays via directed self-assembly of block copolymers
4:50 pm Michael McConnell
Electrical Engineering
Platinum oxidation and reduction during single electron transistor fabrication


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