New professional development opportunity for STEM graduate students: NSF-sponsored ethics workshop


Practical training to prepare you for understanding and interacting with stakeholders throughout your career.

Scenario: NanoPackaging Solutions could soon operate in the town of East Falls—what does this mean for the people who live there? Consumers? The environment? This 3-hour workshop will allow small groups of science and engineering graduate students to explore the uncertainties, tensions, and tradeoffs where leading edge STEM research and society meet. You will take on the role of a societal stakeholder, interacting with six other characters in a town hall meeting. Toward your preparation for professional practice, this realistic, hypothetical case will allow you to learn through experience about the role of human values in decision-making related to science and technology. Your practice with direct involvement in ethical and societal dimensions of STEM may help your own research to have positive impacts on the world.

Key Facts

  • Participation will be recorded by the Graduate School, allowing you to advance your graduate level ethics training
  • This professional development achievement can be documented on your CV
  • Any science or engineering graduate student may participate, regardless of program or year of study
  • Want to participate with labmates or classmates? You can—just sign up together. Seven is the maximum
  • group size.

Sign Up
Advance registration is required. Sessions will be held 1:30 to 4:30 PM in 315 Stinson Remick Hall, on June 11, June 17, or July 8. Date options will be provided when you initiate the signup process via
Questions about the workshop can be directed to Dr. Kathleen Eggleson at

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Award Number 1338682

Principal Investigator: Kathleen Eggleson, Ph.D.