Solid State Seminar: Biological Nanoparticle Analysis with Light Transmission Spectroscopy (LTS)

Presented by Prof. Steven Ruggiero

University of Notre Dame, Dept. of Physics

Abstract: Light Transmission Spectroscopy (LTS) has the ability to identify and accurately measure in real time the size, shape, and number of nanoparticles ranging in size from 1 to 3000 nm in diameter suspended in fluid. We have successfully applied the technique to a number of fundamental biological problems involving molecular shape and binding, and more applied work including the detection of environmental DNA to monitor invasive species. In recent work, LTS has been employed to produce a unique survey of the particle size distributions of whole cells and lysates (extracted cell contents) of cancer and normal human oral cells. The results show a universal power-law dependence of particle density with diameter over the range of 25 to 2500 nm, and a distinct difference between the relative distributions of particles in cancer and normal cells for both whole cells and their lysates.

Host: Prof. Lei Liu, Dept. of Electrical Engineering

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