Seminar: Road to real mass production for GaN microwave/power devices: Let’s learn from GaAs device history

Dr. Yohei Otoki
General Manager
Compound Semiconductor Department, Hitachi Metals Ltd.

Abstract: Although GaN has seen great business success in the optical device market (with GaN LED sales alone now exceeding $10 billion), the full promise of this exciting and highly researched material in the electrical device field has not yet been realized. In order to explain why, the speaker will share his industry perspective on the material’s technical challenges and draw parallels to the development and industrialization of GaAs devices to elucidate what is necessary for GaN devices to achieve their full market potential.

Yohei Otoki

Yohei Otoki is a general manager in the Compound Semiconductor Department at Hitachi Metals Ltd. He has been with the company for over 30 years and worked on a variety of materials systems and growth methods. These include liquid phase epitaxy for LEDs, development of semi-insulating LEC GaAs, and the development of epitaxial wafers for MESFETs and HEMTs by MOCVD. He has also worked with MESFET, HEMT, and HBT wafers for power transistors, and most recently GaN-HEMTs. He’s also in charge of GaN epi on GaN substrates development for power switching devices. Dr. Otoki has supported the compound semiconductor community by serving on a number of committees. He is currently a member of the board of directors of CS ManTech, and was a committee member of: IPRM (International Conference on Indiuim Phosphide and Related Materials), EMS (Electronic Materials Symposium in Japan), EXMATEC (EXpert evaluation and control of compound semiconductor MAterial and TEChnologies), GaN investigation of IEEJ (Institute of Electrical Engineering of Japan) and the Electrical Society of IEICE. Dr. Otoki received his bachelor’s degree and PhD from Kyusyu University. He was a visiting professor at Miyazaki University in 1996-97, and visiting adviser of Osaka University in 2006 and 2014.

Host: Prof. Grace Xing