Current Doctoral Program Candidates

Displayed on this page are the students currently pursuing the interdisciplinary Materials Science and Engineering PhD degree. Students are listed with their area of research and faculty advisors. Use the filter to highlight students in a particular academic department.


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  • Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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  • Theory of photoluminescence upconversion in metal halide perovskite nanocrystals

    Sushrut Ghonge, Physics

    Faculty Advisors:
    • Boldizsar Janko, Physics
    • Ken Kuno, Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Dispersing perovskite quantum dots in water: Enhancing stability by encapsulation in nanoparticles

    Xiuyu Jin, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Faculty Advisors:
    • Haifeng Gao, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • Na Wei, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Methacrylate modified nanoparticles for imaging photopolymerized hydrogels and scaffolds

    Lan Li, Bioengineering

    Faculty Advisors:
    • Ryan Roeder, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and Bioengineering
    • Vahid Serpooshan, Georgia Tech

  • Materials informatics of liquidous materials for water desalination applications

    Hanfeng Zhang, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

    Faculty Advisors:
    • Tengfei Luo, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
    • Ed Maginn, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    • Brandon Ashfeld, Chemistry and Biochemistry