The projects below are supported by one-year Materials Science and Engineering fellowships.

Dispersing perovskite quantum dots in water: Enhancing stability by encapsulation in nanoparticles

Xiuyu Jin Project Image

The project aims to develop a robust polymer nanoparticle platform that can encapsulate perovskite quantum dots (PQD) for protection with the ultimate goal to develop a hybrid particle platform with several PQDs for diagnostic sensors.

Xiuyu Jin, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Faculty Advisors
• Haifeng Gao, Chemistry and Biochemistry
• Na Wei, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Methacrylate modified nanoparticles for imaging photopolymerized hydrogels and scaffolds

Lan Li Project Image

Bioengineered constructs have demonstrated tremendous potential in tissue regneration. However, clinical applications have been restricted by a lack of functional vasculature, poor integration, and ineffective methods of longitudinal monitoring in vivo. To address these constraints, we are investigating methacrylate-modified nanoparticle that can be integrated in 3D bioprinting of photopolymerized hydrogels to enable noninvasive, longitudinal tracking of in vivo function using photon-counting computed tomography (PCCT). The overall project is a collaboration between researchers at Notre Dame and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Lan Li, Bioengineering

Faculty Advisors
• Ryan Roeder, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and Bioengineering
• Vahid Serpooshan, Georgia Tech