Materials Science and Engineering Fellowships

Request for proposals

Fellowships are being provided to grow the Materials Science and Engineering doctoral program. The aims are: (1) to recruit outstanding graduate students intent on pursuing an interdisciplinary doctoral degree with a materials emphasis, and (2) to initiate interdisciplinary materials research leading to proposals with a significant prospect of external funding.

An important aim of the fellowships is to expand the base of graduate funding in materials research. The fellowships will support the stipend of one graduate student for one year, with the expectation that faculty will secure support for the remaining research and student sponsorship. Faculty can apply on behalf of incoming, first-year, and second-year students. Fellowships are contingent on a student remaining in good standing to meet the host department's doctoral requirements at the time of use. For incoming students, fellowships will begin in the student’s second year. For current students, fellowships will begin in the year of the award.

Proposal requirements

The research proposal is limited to two pages, with one-inch margins and 10-point font.  Fellowship proposals should be completed by the advisor and co-advisor. A template is provided.


Proposals will be evaluated by the Materials Executive Committee. Preference will be given to multidisciplinary collaborative proposals (2 PIs) that allow faculty to expand their base of research funding and provide students with cross disciplinary mentors.

Submission and deadline

Please send completed proposals for consideration to Heidi Deethardt,

  • Proposals for incoming students should be submitted between December 15, 2021 and February 28, 2022. Incoming student proposals will be reviewed in a timely manner during this period.
  • Proposals for current Notre Dame graduate students must be submitted by June 1, 2022, with decisions by early July.  

For more information

Contact Derek Lake, NDnano Associate Director