Prakash D. Nallathamby


Phone: 574-631-5735

Office: 145 Multidisciplinary Research Building

Prakash D. Nallathamby is a research assistant professor directly hired through NDnano to facilitate the use of nanoparticle-enabled technologies in research labs across campus. He is an adaptable nanoparticle engineer with interdisciplinary expertise in nanotechnology, analytical chemistry, cancer biology, and biomedicine for academia as well as an industry setting. In 2003, Dr. Nallathamby received his bachelor's degree in industrial biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai, India followed by his Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, in 2010. As a Gordon Battelle fellow at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2011, he took the lead in engineering and modifying nanoparticles for the Multi-Scale Toxicology Initiative project by Battelle for collaborators at Lawrence Livermore, Brookhaven, Pacific Northwest, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Since his arrival at the University of Notre Dame in 2014, he has successfully worked on a spectral library of nanoparticle contrast agents for X-ray, magnetic resonance, and fluorescent imaging. Recently, he successfully applied his nanoparticle-enabled solutions to solve a diverse range of real-world scientific challenges posted on InnoCentive, thereby joining the exclusive club of InnoCentive Solvers with his creative and out-of-the-box ideas. He has more than 1400 citations through 25 peer-reviewed journal publications, one book chapter, and two patent applications. Dr. Nallathamby continues to build on his strong interdisciplinary research under the NDnano umbrella, collaborating with affiliated faculty from a wide field of research areas and in related institutions nationally and internationally. His main research interest is to use nanoparticles as tools in: (1) biomedical research and development, (2) anisotropic modular platform technologies, (3) scaled up industrial applications, (4) environmental cleanup, and (5) computational modeling. Please feel free to contact him for collaborative and partnership opportunities by email or LinkedIn.