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On Being A Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research (Third Edition)

Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy
National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine
The National Academies Press, Washington DC (www.nap.edu)


Grant Writing

Writing Successful Grants (A Twelve-Step Program) PDF
Robert Porter, Ph.D., Grant-Winners Seminars

Hesburgh Libraries

Knowledge creation in the 21st century generates unprecedented amounts of data and demands access to state-of-the-art technology, advanced research expertise, and digital library services. Furthermore, funding agencies increasingly require data management plans and content curation strategies over the life cycle of research and beyond. In response to these demands, the Hesburgh Libraries created two new services:

CurateND—Preserve and Share Research and Data
CurateND is our new repository solution that supports the full life cycle of your data and research. Among its many features, it is designed to facilitate data management implementation, content preservation and secure global sharing of knowledge.

We are currently the early adoption phase with a full launch planned for winter of 2014 and would love to meet with you about your data management and preservation and content sharing needs. Helping you implement your data management plan allows us to better understand your specific needs and will influence the development of future repository tools.

To learn more about CurateND, please visit https://curate.nd.edu/. For any question or becoming an Early Adopter for CurateND, please contact Rick Johnson at rick.johnson@nd.edu.

Data Management Planning Tool—Organize and Manage Data
Developing a data management plan is a complex process that determines how you will organize and describe data, store and preserve content, and protect and share your research. The Libraries’ integrated suite of services provides tools to help faculty meet the data management and sharing policies of NIH, NSF, NEH, and other funding agencies. More importantly, integrated data management solutions ensure the longevity and accessibility of your content, even when file formats become obsolete.

To learn more about data management planning, please visit: library.nd.edu/data-management/. For any question or requiring customizations of data plan templates, please contact Matthew Sisk, PhD, at matthew.sisk@nd.edu.

Notre Dame Research

Overview of services provided by teams within Notre Dame Research
• Proposal Development Services

Based on the initial screen of the request and the availability of the proposal development consultants, faculty will be able to enhance the quality of their proposals by using OVPR proposal development services:

1) help you organize your thinking and vision
2) read your proposal relative to the solicitation and provide feedback
3) help you brainstorm additional elements of your proposed project that may not have occurred to you, and
4) provide assistance with concise writing and proper English grammar   

For larger proposals, they may assist in strategic thinking and proposal organization, writing of non-technical sections of proposals, as well as writing transitions between technical sections contributed by various participants. The proposal development consultants at the University of Notre Dame have signed confidentiality agreements regarding the materials they review. The best way to use their assistance is to incorporate it as early as possible in your research proposal writing effort.

Contact Heather Boyd with your request at hboyd@nd.edu.

• Research Compliance

The University of Notre Dame’s research compliance program provides information, support, expertise, and systems of administration needed to meet the laws, rules, and policies governing research in the most efficient and effective way. An effective and comprehensive research compliance program insures the responsible management of public funds, avoidance of actual or perceived fraud or poor management, proper stewardship of University resources, and avoidance of adverse research events.

Through the responsiveness to the changing research environment and approaches, adherence to federal guidelines and requirements, mitigation of risks involved in the ethical conduct of research, and the belief in the responsible conduct of research, ND’s research compliance program is proactive in circumventing risks that may arise in research.

The Notre Dame Research is continuously involved in:
·         Communicating procedures and responsibilities to individual researchers, through timely and appropriate education;
·         Upholding researchers to the highest or standards and understanding the responsibilities of research;
·         Designing standards and policies that effectively enable researchers to meet federal and institutional requirements;

If you have a question related to Research Compliance, please send an email to compliance@nd.edu or call (574) 631-1389.

• Broader Impacts Programs

EngageND:  Measuring Impact in Our Community

The University of Notre Dame is committed to promoting community engagement that aligns with the mission and goals of both the University and its partners around the globe, and to producing outcomes for mutual benefit. To support sustainable and coordinated engagement for faculty, staff and students, the University's Office of Public Affairs has developed the EngageND database tool. We thank you for your collaboration in raising standards and expectations for positive engagement in our world.

For additional information on Broader Impacts, contact:

Alisa Zornig Gura
Coordinator, Center for Social Concerns
Email: Zornig.2@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-8823

Jay Caponigro
Director of Community Engagement, State and Local Public Affairs
Email: Caponigro.2@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-9423

Jim Frabutt
Professional Specialist, Alliance for Catholic Education
Email: jfrabutt@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-5763

NSF CAREER Proposal Assistance

Young faculty interested in applying for NSF CAREER Awards can gain access to a database of recent successful Notre Dame faculty CAREER proposals by contacting:

Heather Boyd
Research Development Program Director
Notre Dame Research

David Balkin
Managing Director