Symposium to highlight campus-wide summer undergrad research

Undergrad Symposium 2014 Sakshi Singh

Several students participating in the NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowship (NURF) program will showcase their research at the Summer Undergrad Research Symposium on Friday at Jordan Hall.

“We’re very proud of what our students accomplish during their fellowships,” said David Balkin, managing director, NDnano. “This opportunity for the students to organize and present research data and results is an invaluable growth experience that will yield future professional benefits independent of whether they pursue a career in industry or academia.”

Notre Dame student Santiago Martinez, who was awarded a fellowship to work with Prof. David Go (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering), will give an oral presentation on “Synthesis of silver nanoparticles in micro droplets using a plasma jet.” (2:45pm, room 105 Jordan)

The following NURF students are presenting posters at the August 1 symposium in the Jordan Hall Galleria:

12:30 – 1:00pm

Rene Celis-Cordova: Ultra-low energy microprocessor design
Mentor: Greg Snider

Luis Cortes-Herrera: Design of a quasichaotic optical multipass cell
Mentor: Anthony Hoffman

Rose Doerfler: Thermal stability of DNA origami on mica in inert and oxidative environments
Mentors: Marya Lieberman and Valerie Goss

Undergrad Symposium 2014 Luis Herrera

Sam O'Mahony: Non-Boolean computing using oscillators
Mentors: Wolfgang Porod and Gyorgy Csaba

Sakshi Singh: Photo-Induced Frenel-Zone-Plates for tunable terahertz beam focusing
Mentor: Lei Liu

1:00 – 1:30pm

Buchanan Bourdon: Electrostatic doping of 2D materials via polymer electrolytes: Using COMSOL to simulate ion-electron transport
Mentor: Alan Seabaugh

Joshua Dempsey: Biocomplexity and uncertainty: Science, technology, and ethics in the real-world case of silver nanoparticles in heavy commercial use
Mentor: Kathy Eggleson

Patrick Foley: Auto-prober I-V measurements - How to measure 100 devices in 60 minutes
Mentor: Alan Seabaugh

Nathaniel Griggs: Development of apparatus and conditions for µPECVD of nanodiamond
Mentor: David Go

Katherine Iliff: Cationic gold nanoparticle contrast agents for detecting damaged cartilage and tendon
Mentors: Ryan Roeder and Diane Wagner

Undergrad Symposium 2014 Katie O'Neill

Keenan Linder: Thermal stability of DNA origami bonded to APTES monolayers and silicon surfaces
Mentors: Marya Lieberman and Valerie Goss

Katie O'Neill: Depositing and characterizing two-dimensional electrolytes for low-voltage memory
Mentor: Susan Fullerton

Steven Penny: Artificial tissue formation using laser-based optical tweezers
Mentor: Greg Timp and Tetsuya Tanaka

Barry Reid: Material characterisation of hybrid organic/inorganic perovskites for solar cell applications
Mentor: Prashant Kamat

Colleen Riordan: Surface-enhanced Raman detection of carbohydrates
Mentor: Zachary Schultz

Katherine Sanders: Stochastic computing and nanomagnet logic (NML)
Mentors: Sharon Hu and Mike Niemier

Tony Stedge: Development of an anatomic human breast imaging phantom for investigating contrast-enhanced detection of microcalcifications
Mentor: Ryan Roeder

Complete schedule/abstracts for August 1 symposium:

Projects descriptions for each of the 2014 NURF students are available on the NDnano website:

The application process for the 2015 NURF program will open in mid-January.