NDConnect Frequently Asked Questions

August 17 update:  Application deadline extended to Monday, August 22.

Q. I attend one university but am doing research at another university this summer.  Can I still apply?

A. Yes!

Q. I conducted and completed my research last fall. Can I still apply?

A. Sorry, no. NDConnect will only consider applications for active research that will start or continue in summer 2016.

Q. Does my research have to be nano-related in order to apply to NDConnect?

A. Yes.

Q. I have a conflict on October 18. If selected as a finalist, do I have to participate in person, or could I participate by Skype, or pre-record my poster presentation?

A. Finalists are required to participate in the October 18 competition in person.

Q. How much travel support is provided to finalists?

A. Thanks to the generous support of event sponsors, finalists will be reimbursed up to $800 for a pre-approved round-trip economy flight to Notre Dame, and local cab service between the South Bend airport and the hotel. As an alternative, finalists may request pre-approval for round-trip ground transportation (e.g., train, rental car) between their university and Notre Dame. All travel must be pre-approved by NDConnect organizers before reservations are made in order to request reimbursement. Meals during the event and up to two nights' hotel accommodations will be provided by Notre Dame. The cost of a printed poster is not eligible for reimbursement.

Q. Can my research partner and I submit a joint proposal?

A. Yes. Please include resumés for both students when submitting your application materials. Your adviser(s) should send separate letters of recommendation. If selected as finalists, both students will be invited to the October 18 event and would jointly present one poster.

Q. Is there a template I should use for the project description due August 22?

A. Yes.  NDConnect 2016 Project Description Template.docx

Q. Is there a template I should use for the research recap due August 22?

A. No. The PowerPoint file can be any length you need to concisely recap your research from problem statement to conclusion and next steps.  Please save your final version as a PDF before submitting to ndnano@nd.edu.

Q. Where should my research adviser send his/her recommendation letter?

A. Letters of recommendation should be emailed by your research adviser to ndnano@nd.edu.

Q. Is there a template for finalists’ posters?

A. No. The display boards for the October 18 event can accommodate posters up to 40"x60" (portrait or landscape). The design and content of your poster is up to you; certainly it can include updated information/data collected since your August submission. We will supply the board, easels, and pins, but finalists should plan to bring their poster with them. If you prefer, you may bring PowerPoint slides to pin to your display board, rather than having a large poster printed. 

If you have other questions not answered here, just send an email to ndnano@nd.edu, or call Heidi Deethardt at 574-631-0279.

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