Eggleson speaks on societal trends influencing access to dual-use nanotechnologies

April 28, 2014

Kathleen Eggleson

Dr. Kathleen Eggleson represented NDnanoTM  at the 5th Annual International Symposium “Biosecurity and Biosafety: Future Trends and Solutions.”  Dr. Eggleson spoke as an international scientific expert on Societal Trends Influencing Access to Dual-Use Nanotechnologies by Non-State Actors and also served as co-chair of the roundtable session on Nanotechnologies in the context of dual use.

In her remarks, Dr. Eggleson discussed the potential impacts of the simultaneous rapid development of the internet and emerging technologies on the nano scale. Major international organizations with public safety and security responsibilities such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), United Nations (UN), and World Health Organization (WHO) participated. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Department of State, and Department of Defense (DoD) were among the U.S. organizations represented. The meeting was held April 2-4, 2014, in Milan at the Palazzo Cusani, which belongs to the Italian Army and currently serves as headquarters of Solbiate Olona NATO Rapid Reaction Corps Command.

In his message to fellow participants about the symposium, Italian Brigadier General Antonio Pennino recognized that in “looking at the international geopolitical and geostrategic scenarios continuously changing, with particular reference to the emerging challenges, the efforts of the scientific community in this field, the exchange…will give to us a better way ahead, especially in terms of possible strategies and solutions.”

“Recognizing that nanotechnology will have a ubiquitous influence in nearly every field of science, Dr. Eggleson’s global recognition and participation as a co-chair in international conference sessions such as the one held in Milan, enables Notre Dame to effectively represent a 'force for good' in critical conversations revolving around ethical uses and potential societal impacts of this relatively new science,” commented Dr. David Balkin, managing director of NDnanoTM