2015 NDNF Olympus Micrograph Winners

2015 NDNF Olympus micrograph 1st place large
1st place: Golnaz Karbasian used the Olympus MX61 optical microscope (set in differential interference contrast mode) to take her image of a Poly Si rib in SiO2 field, with trenches etched in SiO2 to connect the ribs to bond pads.  Back >


2015 NDNF Olympus micrograph 2nd place large
2nd place: Using the Olympus MX61 + U-DICR (UMPL), Vasily Kanzyuba captured an image of graphene grown on a copper substrate using chemical vapor deposition. The hexagons of various sizes are graphene nucleation sites (grains), and the growth was interrupted before the graphene filled the entire copper surface. The image was made at 50x magnification, and the rainbow colors on the graphene are the result of the interference associated with the U-DICR mode. Back >

2015 NDNF Olympus micrograph 3rd place large
3rd place: Jackson Lu used the NDNF’s Olympus MX51 IR optical microscope to get this image of a partitioned ND sound chip with quilt packaging interconnects. Back >