Congratulations to the winners of the NDNF Olympus Micrograph Contest

2015 NDNF Olympus micrograph 1st place
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The $250 first-place award in the NDNF Olympus micrograph contest was awarded to Golnaz Karbasian, a 5th year graduate student in electrical engineering. Golnaz, who is advised by Prof. Gregory Snider, used the Olympus MX61 optical microscope (set in differential interference contrast mode) to take her image of a Poly Si rib in SiO2 field, with trenches etched in SiO2 to connect the ribs to bond pads.

The contest, co-sponsored by Notre Dame’s Center for Nano Science and Technology (NDnano) and Olympus, was open to all users of Notre Dame’s Nanofabrication Facility (NDNF). In addition to the first, second and third place awards announced here, all images submitted in the contest will be considered for publication by Olympus in their marketing activities.



2015 Olympus micrograph 2nd place
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Second place and $150 was awarded to Vasily Kanzyuba, a 2nd year grad student in electrical engineering. Vasily is advised by Prof. Sergei Rouvimov in electrical engineering and Prof. Jacek Furdyna in physics. Using the Olympus MX61 + U-DICR (UMPL), Vasily captured an image of graphene grown on a copper substrate using chemical vapor deposition. The hexagons of various sizes are graphene nucleation sites (grains), and the growth was interrupted before the graphene filled the entire copper surface. The image was made at 50x magnification, and the rainbow colors on the graphene are the result of the interference associated with the U-DICR mode.




2015 Olympus micrograph 3rd place
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Jackson Lu, a senior R&D engineer at Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC, at Innovation Park, used the NDNF’s Olympus MX51 IR optical microscope to get his third-place image of a partitioned ND sound chip with quilt packaging interconnects. Jackson received a $100 award.

"NDnano and the Notre Dame Nanofabrication Facility value its relationship with Olympus and are pleased we have the opportunity to potentially highlight the great work of some of our facility users in future Olympus marketing efforts," said David Balkin, managing director, NDnano.