NURF Research Presentations


Location: 202 LaFortune

Several students who have been part of the 2015 NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowship (NURF) program will present their research at a morning session scheduled for July 22.  The presenters are:

Session 1

Anthony Goo (Notre Dame)
"Nanoparticle calibration phantoms for spectral computed tomography"
Adviser:  Ryan Roeder

James Dawahare (Notre Dame)
"YAP and TAZ effects on bone formation"
Adviser:  Joel Boerckel

Joshua Dempsey (Notre Dame)
"Biocomplexity and uncertainty: Science, technology, and ethics in the real-world case of metal nanoparticles in heavy commercial use"
Adviser:  Kathleen Eggleson

Ashley Fuller (Saint Mary’s)
"Thermal properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA): LiClO4 electrolytes for room temperature doping of 2D crystal transistors"
Adviser:  Susan Fullerton

Rigel Galindo Esparza (Tec de Monterrey)
"Low leakage, nanometer scale dielectrics for back-gated transistors"
Adviser:  Alan Seabaugh

10:20am Break

Session 2

Sushrut Ghonge (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
"Modelling aging of complex networks"
Adviser:  Dervis Vural

Luis Cortes Herrera (Tec de Monterrey)
"Engineering optical stability in compact chaotic multipass gas cells"
Adviser:  Anthony Hoffman

Edward Hunckler (Notre Dame)
"Removing surface residue from graphene via CO2 annealing"
Adviser:  Susan Fullerton

Megan Kilbride (Notre Dame)
"A screen for siRNA nanoparticle pesticides to target mosquito vectors of human disease"
Adviser:  Molly Duman Scheel

Jorge Ramirez (University of Texas at El Paso)
"In situ synthesis and self-organized deposition of colloidal silver nanoparticles using atmospheric-pressure plasmas"
Adviser:  David Go

Clare Tennant (Notre Dame)
"Sequencing a single molecule of protein"
Adviser:  Greg Timp