Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

The Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences department offers the following courses:

CE 40355 Water, Disease, and Global Health

The main emphasis of the course will be to study the diseases important to both the developed and developing world. Basic principles of public health, epidemiology, infectious disease microbiology, immunology, and engineering application will be learned utilizing both local and global examples. Particular emphasis will be given to diseases transmitted by water. As a complement to environmental engineering design classes, this class will focus upon the disease agents removed in properly designed municipal water and waste systems. Prerequisites: CHEM 10122 or BIOS 10161.

CE 60320 Environmental and Aquatic Chemistry

This course begins with a) an overview of the formation and general chemical characteristics of the Earth and b) an introduction to the natural global physical and chemical cycles. There will be major sections on the Earth's atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. The major chemical processes within each of these compartments and chemical aspects of associated modern-day environmental problems will be reviewed. Special sections on energy and the environment and the chemistry of global climate will be included.

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